The Diversity of a Career in Nursing

When we pack up and set off to university for a nursing degree, we might not be pondering how we want to specialize later in life. A career in nursing isn’t just about manning a hospital ward during the day and night, it’s also about learning a specific area of medicine in order to aid patients and doctors. Nurses are so often on the front-line of medicine, we forget that this forges a diverse range of career paths.



Working as a nurse in this area of medical science could be a fascinating route to take. You will be working with patients who are suffering from disorders or diseases such as HIV, hemophilia, sickle cell or leukemia. This area of nursing is specialized as you will be taking samples and handling more serious procedures such as blood transfusions. This area also requires strong inter-personal skills. You won’t just be working with people who are undergoing a stressful period in their lives, but also those who are frightened of needles or are anxious about the procedures you will be carrying out.


Sexual Health

With sexual health being so stigmatized in some communities, the role of a sexual health nurse is an important one. Going into this field of work could not only see you broadening your knowledge as a healthcare professional, but also reaching a wide range of people and communities.

This type of role is unique in the sense that you won’t just be offering advice and bad news, but also challenging social boundaries. You will be encouraging both young and older generations to value their sexual health and challenge preconceptions they have grown up with. You will also have to be open-minded: you will be told confidential information on an almost minute-by-minute basis, by people who are anxious or curious.


Nurse Practitioner

In order to become a nurse practitioner, you will need to take an extra set of qualifications; also known as an MSN. If you’re wondering ‘What is an MSN?’; it is simply a Master of Science in Nursing. By undertaking this education boost, you will open yourself up to a wider set of nursing opportunities. It will also see you get more independence, as well as become increasingly specialized. You could find yourself working in adult-gerontology, caring for those who are approaching their later years in life.


Psychiatric Nurse

This can be a challenging role for many as becoming a psychiatric nurse will expose you to a complex and specialized field of nursing. However, it will also be incredibly rewarding for those who are interested in this area. You will be helping patients through a challenging phase of their life, with the aim of getting them to the light at the end of the tunnel. This means supporting them through treatments and helping them to complete therapy and therapeutic exercises.



It’s true that the majority of trained nurses go on to work in the field of healthcare and the surrounding industry. However, the next most popular job for those who are trained as nurses is in the world of childcare. Being able to care for challenging patients will give you a unique upper-hand in many childcare positions; and you will probably already have plenty of experience of working with children in hospices and medical practices.



This area of nursing is particularly rewarding, especially for those who love to work with mothers and children. Being a midwife, however, is not just about delivering babies, or being there when the mother’s waters break. In fact, being a midwife will see you working with patients in the run-up to the due-date. You will also have carry out medical exams to check that the mother is healthy and safe. These exams could determine what type of birth the patient will endure and the level of care they will require.



Finally, your experience and education as a nurse may bring you the desire to help other people who are climbing up the ranks. Being a Nurse Educator simply means that you will be qualified to teach others the fundamental basics in what it means to practice as a nurse. You will likely be working with colleges and universities to give their nursing students the most relevant hands-on experience.


When you train as a nurse, it is unlikely that you will fall into a general category. Instead, you may find yourself becoming incredibly specialized. You may move from one sector to another, which will open your eyes to different medical fields and types of patient. While some nursing roles can be very challenging, they are also incredibly rewarding, especially for nurses who have a passion for helping patients to overcome grave and painful illnesses.


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