The World Needs More Nurses – How To Start Learning To Be A Nurse Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted industries, upended the job market, crushed world economies, and destroyed many businesses. Given the precariousness of the circumstances we’re now facing, joining an online nursing program is an excellent way to advance your career whilst creating a positive impact in the world.

Fortunately, there are many web-based nursing programs for working adults and career changers. There are also amazing online platforms that can connect you with tutors who offer nursing homework help.


Understanding Online Nursing

With online nursing programs, you can attend classes based on your schedule, thanks to virtual platforms. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

While virtual learning and traditional learning vary, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. However, online classes offer immense benefits, especially now that we’re largely confined to our homes. Importantly, virtual education opens up new career new opportunities for people who, for whatever reason, can’t take traditional classes.


If you’re thinking of joining an online nursing program, here are key considerations you should keep in mind:

Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Is it Possible to Get a Nursing Degree Online?

Yes, your path to being a nurse can start online. In fact, pre-licensure programs can be accessed virtually.   Conversely, there are a lot of post-licensure programs that are entirely web-based.

However, each online nursing program is different depending on the school. The programs usually entail a lot of traditional classroom components, like assignments, group discussions, regular attendance, and quizzes.

A lot of online classes also enable you to communicate with your program directors and instructors through video conferencing. And since most Instructors give their contact information, you’re sure to contact them anytime time you want.


2. Are Online Nursing Degrees Legitimate?

While many online nursing programs are accredited, you’ll still need to perform due diligence before enrolling in one. When evaluating various programs, the number one consideration should be their accreditation.  

CCNE is among the key accreditation organs. It is a recognized and independent national accreditation body.  


3. How to Join an Online Nursing Practice?

The requirements vary from program to program. Generally, you should supply the following information through an online portal:

  • Proof that you’ve completed your high school education — or its equivalent.
  • Go through an admissions interview and a career planning session
  • Take an Entrance assessment test
  • Sort out financial arrangements


4. What are the Challenges of Studying Nursing Online?

An online nursing program is more or less hard than a traditional nursing program. Truth be told. We all have our preferred studying styles. We would, therefore, advise you to consider your preferences before you enroll in an online nursing program.

Some forks prefer learning outside class or at their chosen pace. Others prefer the traditional model of learning, and some prefer a combination of the two.


5. How Long Will it Take for You to Qualify as A Nurse Online?

The time you’ll take to complete your nursing course will vary depending on your chosen career path and degree. For instance, an Associate Degree (ADN) will take at least one year. A bachelor’s degree (BSN) takes at least 3 years. And, you’ll need at least two additional years (after your bachelor’s degree) to complete your masters in nursing (MSN).

You should, however, note that for you to become a registered nurse, you must pass an accreditation exam.


6. How Much Will I Pay to Study Nursing Online?

Different schools offer different costs. However, most nursing schools offer scholarships, financial aid, and tuition forgiveness programs in some prerequisite courses. Contact prospective schools to find out.


7. Are Online Nursing Courses Valued?

Yes, online courses are equally valued, and they’re convenient and enable you to make career advancements. Technological advancements have made it that instructors can deliver high-quality education virtually.  

Besides, your employer will focus more on your qualification than on your mode of learning. What matters is that you have a degree and you’ve excelled in your licensing exam.


8. Can Getting Your Nursing Education Online Affect Your Employability?

No. Accredited online nursing programs are equivalent to the traditional ones. In fact, taking online classes can make it easier for you to find employment. Their intrinsic convenience and flexibility will enable you to network in numerous locations.

Across the world, millions of people (excerpt the essential workers like nurses) are holed in their homes. The pandemic has also altered the job market radically. Joining an online nursing program can help you bolster your career prospects in these uncertain times.    




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