Training And Mentoring The Next Generation Of Pharmacy Techs

Pharmacy technicians play essential roles in assisting pharmacists in their day to day operations. This role is expanding, and aspiring techs need to better their knowledge to ensure they perform the work as expected.  

Today, technology in the medical field is advancing, and pharmacy technicians need to be familiar with trends in medicine. There are online pharmacy technician programs you can enroll in to start your training.  

If you don’t know where to start, this article will help get you on the road to becoming a pharmacy technician.

Let’s get started!


Complete a Pharmacy Technician Program

Most employers give higher consideration to candidates who are graduates of a formal training program. Most of these programs are available from educational facilities and colleges where you can learn more about things like pharmacy law, anatomy & physiology, and drug doses/interactions. With online pharmacy technician programs, your path to completion can match your schedule. It is important however, that you do your research upfront.


Program Accreditation

When you need to enroll in pharmacy technician training; it’s essential to verify if the program has accreditation. This will give you the chance to determine the curriculum, methods, and outcomes of programs before you start your education. Please remember to check on your qualification background to determine if you meet the requirements of the program of your choice.


Take a Certification Exam

You need to pass a certification exam to become a certified pharmacy technician. The type of exam depends on the states you’re in and the employer you are seeking a job from. You need to be aware of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) as a crucial part to becoming a pharmacy technician. You can complete these exams online, and it will typically take two hours to complete them. If you wish to take a certification exam; you need to have the required tools and knowledge to prepare for the exam. With the right education and good study habits, you should be on the right track to pass and secure a job.


Know The Legal Rules

In any state, there are rules and regulations one must meet before becoming a pharmacy technician. It will help if you can check with your state to know the format of training, exams, and fees required. After the exams, you will need a license for recognition by the state. In addition, you can visit the state’s Board of Pharmacy to confirm if you have all the requirements to gain employment as a pharmacy tech.


Passing Background Check

Some managers and companies may require you to have an extended background check before starting a position in their institution. You will need this if you’re going to handle highly regulated substances within the organization for a long period. This process will involve the need for your personal information and a permission request from your future employer. If you have all the requirements, all you need to do is wait for your employer to confirm that you passed a background check. That will provide the ability to handle controlled substances and fill prescriptions where necessary.



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