What Qualities Should A Dietitian Possess

What Qualities Should A Dietitian Possess

Dieticians play an important role in the healthcare ecosystem. They are professionals who advise you on how to change your eating habits to be more nutritious and healthier. Not only that, but they help you in implementing nutritional programs that will help prevent disease and promote your overall well-being. However, dieticians should possess certain technical and personal qualities to be able to excel and connect with their patients. Being a well-rounded dietician who can be empathetic, analytical, and knowledgeable is key to creating a long-lasting patient relationship. 


All dietitians and nutritionists have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition, human nutrition, or a related area. Programs will offer courses not only in nutrition, but a wide variety of other courses such as psychology, chemistry, and biology. However, this is enough to get you started, but not enough to continue excelling and learning. Many dietitians should consider obtaining the PALS certification and training alongside their degree. Basic CPR, first aid, and trauma management training will come in handy in dealing with many patients. A good dietician continues acquiring different certifications and taking courses to be more knowledgeable, not only in nutrition but in other areas. 


Technical Skills 

This skill is not related to technical fieldwork, rather technical skills with the tools and equipment needed to perform their duties. A lot of developments in the field have seen the addition of tools and equipment, such as calorimeters to assess metabolism, glucose meters for blood sugar readings, and other bioelectric machines to electronically measure body fat. A dietician needs to possess a high level of technological understanding and be able to use them with ease. Good technical skills will also be important when using analytical software programs, clinic databases, and patient management programs.  


Analytical Skills

A key quality any dietician needs to have is analytical perceptiveness. Dieticians work with a lot of symptoms that r