10 Health Benefits Of Paddleboarding

Do you want to shed some fat, relieve stress, and bring out the inner sparkle in you? Then hit the water and paddleboard your way to a fitter, happier and healthy you!

Besides being an extremely fun watersport, paddleboarding provides bountiful of remarkable health benefits. Easier than sailing and, of course, more exciting than swimming, this activity gives you a full body workout, improves your mental state and keeps your overall health in tip-top condition. Here are 10 impressive health benefits of paddle boarding that will unlock a cheerier, fitter you.

1.  Reduces Stress

Believe it or not, paddleboarding is one of the quickest ways to relive stress. Spending a calming hour or two of “me time” in the blue space relaxes your mind and allows you to unwind and center yourself.

Just as walking in the woods or sitting in a sauna can be soothing and sedating, so can ocean breeze. Away from the noise and hullabaloo of life’s stresses and anxieties, throw in the relaxing sounds of the paddle as it slices the water and the negative energy will start to melt away.

2.   Gives You A Full Body Workout

Whether yours is a rigid or inflatable paddleboard, touring or all-round, any time you spend on it will give you a tremendous full body workout. Almost every muscle in your body will be working to get you moving forward.

The legs will be attempting to maintain your center of gravity so you can balance properly while the back, shoulders, and arms will be propelling the board through the water. As these parts of your body work to give you a smooth ride, you also get fitter. You can view an inflatable paddle board at:   https://www.globosurfer.com/best-inflatable-stand-paddle-boards/

3.   Burns Calories

Did you know that making paddleboarding a habit could get you losing a few pounds? That’s right! Studies confirm that calories burned paddleboarding are more noticeable than when using some weight loss products like an exotic tea or a pill.  

Elite paddle boarders have a significantly leaner body mass than couch potatoes. And since you will be having so much fun, you won’t even be thinking about what is happening in your body. You will shed the extra fat while you have the best time of your life.

4.   Increases Your Overall Strength

Ever wondered why your body is always sore when you return home from paddling? Well, it means that you are slowly building up the overall strength of your body. This is a good thing because you will need to be physically strong to maintain good balance on the board and glide smoothly on the water.  

5.   Boosts Cardiovascular Health

The more you take your board out on the water, the lower your chances of heart diseases will be. Race your friends to make the exercise more challenging and motivating, as this will take your heartbeat to an overdrive. And the faster your heart pumps, the stronger and healthier it gets and the more immune you become to cardiovascular diseases.

6.   Aids In Injury Rehabilitation

Even though paddleboarding demands a lot of energy from the body, its low impact nature can enable you to exercise gently when you have an injury. You can actually reap all the health benefits of paddle boarding without exerting too much pressure on joints and muscles. Being on a paddleboard can be extremely effective when you need a good physical therapy.

7.   Good Source Of Vitamin D

If you do not spend enough time in the sun, you may find yourself having a deficit in Vitamin D. People who don’t have adequate amount of this vitamin in their bodies could suffer from bone weakness, fatigue, chronic pain, depression, and more.

When you paddleboard in the sun regularly, you get a healthy dose of vitamin D and you may not even need to look for other ways to increase the levels of this nutrient in your system. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.

8.   Gets You More Flexible

Every moment you take your paddleboard for a spin improves the flexibility of your body, especially when you are subjected to challenging situations. As a paddle boarder, you are forced to adapt quickly to different conditions and your body along with it. All the shoulder rotations and arm movements condition your muscles to be flexible and so do maneuvers like bottom turn and pop up.

9.   Improves Balance

Practicing paddleboarding frequently gives you a better balance both on the water and on land. Since the exercise requires plenty of leg strength and core stability to stand properly and upright on the board, you improve your balance and focus not only in paddleboarding but also in other sports and your day-to-day activities.

10.   Connects You With Nature

Look at it this way — you will be outdoors. There will be so many scenic marine environments to paddle your board, adventure, and connect with Mother Nature. This can have a positive impact on your attitude and overall mental health.


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