11 Healthy Habits Every Student Should Develop

Some refer to college as the hardest time of their lives. Some see it as the most fun and exciting one. Somehow, people with the same academic load treat their tasks in different ways and end up with a different experience. But why is that?

The answer is simple – habits. Creating a set of good daily habits, and sticking to them may sound simple, yet, it can change your life. As strange as it sounds, having a continuous routine can save you lots of time and energy. We’re used to thinking that routine is something bad and boring. Yet, if it’s set up right, it can help you free up plenty of time.  

In this article, you’ll find 13 best habits every student can benefit from. Read on to see how you can change your life!


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Every other student’s productivity guide out there says so, yet, what does it actually mean? To work smarter, you should develop a schedule according to which you will prioritize your tasks. Setting clear, achievable goals is also a part of this.

You can work to the best of your ability, but without a plan, you will eventually burn out. Having designated time for studies and rest is your key to success. And when you want to relax, just get help from the EssayPro academic writing platform. This is the way to ensure that your mental health is not on edge, and your papers are taken care of.  


Nourish Your Body

Students often tend to forget how important it is to eat right to be your best self. As soon as they’re out of the parents’ house, they prefer junk food and skip meals. Improper nutrition can lead to loss of focus, decrease in productivity, and other major issues.

Don’t forget to have breakfast before class and pack your lunch with you. Sure, you can slip occasional ramen or a lunch out in your schedule. But don’t go overboard with those. Meal prep can do wonders for your physical and emotional health. Just delegate a couple of hours of your weekend to cooking in bulk and enjoy the results!



Even if you are not a professional athlete, it doesn’t mean you don’t need sports. Keeping an active lifestyle is vital not only for your body but your brain, too. Regular workouts can help you battle depression, take off some stress, and keep fit.  

Forming a group to exercise together is great for bonding and motivating each other. Sports can also boost your self-esteem. And if you’re not into running or lifting weights, you can try low-impact workouts. For example, yoga has countless advantages.


Sleep Well

The temptation to stay up all night partying might be strong, but the future you won’t be grateful. Think ahead and try to always have good eight hours of sleep. Lack of sleep may seem like nothing when you’re young. Yet, in 20 to 30 years, it can lead to heart diseases, obesity, and other conditions.

Many young people experience difficulties falling asleep. One way to avoid that is to never work or study from your bed. Because if you do, your brain will associate your bed with working, hence, causing you to stay up. Organize a separate study station to get proper rest at night.


Get Organized

Time management is key to a healthy and happy life. Start a planner or use apps if you have trouble organizing your time. Start writing down all your homework assignments, due dates, and don’t forget to fit some me-time in there.

It might seem daunting, but building these micro habits is the best way to get your life together. With a constant routine and schedule, you will actually have more time to do what you want.


Take Breaks From Gadgets

As tempting as it might be, try not to grab your phone every time you take a break. You might want to check your social media news, but let’s be honest, there’s barely any valuable information on there.

Devote some time during a day when you don’t look at the screen. Take a walk without your phone weighing down your pocket. If you stop looking at the screen an hour before you go to bed, you will actually find it easier to fall asleep.


Think Positive

We all get bad days sometimes, but there’s no reason to fall into this abyss and stay there. Positive thinking is what has gotten all great people to the top. Create a list of affirmations for yourself to repeat on your everyday commute or before bed.

There’re many ways to keep a positive attitude towards life; you just have to choose what fits you best. Try the following:

  • Control the words you say;
  • Be nice to people;
  • Surround yourself with positive thinkers;
  • Don’t complain;
  • Find reasons to be grateful;
  • See the bigger picture.


Reward Yourself

A system of rewards for your accomplishments can go a long way in keeping you motivated and energetic. It doesn’t matter if your achievement is big or small; you deserve a treat!

If you only treat yourself when you feel bad, you might eventually stop enjoying the things you treat yourself with. Instead, try to break this bond and do things the opposite way.  


Connect With Your Close Ones

We all know how it works: you get caught up in all your assignments and classes and never call your parents. Talking to your friends or relatives back at home can actually make you feel better. They are your closest people in this world, they know you better than anyone and will always have some good advice.

So don’t skip family time. Schedule video calls in your planner or set alarms so you don’t forget about them. And even if you do forget to call once or twice, don’t worry. Family is about support and love, not about holding grudges.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Yes, we all do that sometimes. But the habit of comparing yourself to others is toxic and will often just make you sad. The fact that somebody got a better grade for a test than you doesn’t say anything about neither you nor them.

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the past you. We are all different, and comparing yourself to others will not lead to any valuable outcomes. Just focus on your journey and try to be the best you.


The Bottom Line: Have Fun!

Students often get so stressed that they forget that college is also about fun! Sure, education comes first, but this period in your life is perfect for socializing and getting to know yourself.

Use our guide to develop healthy habits and make your life easier. Get organized, sleep and eat well, exercise, and don’t forget to share your emotions with your closest ones.  



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