4 Game- Changing Features in Smartwatches

When comparing smartwatches against the traditional timepieces, it’s no doubt that luxury timepieces are still the more preferred type of wrist accessory in terms of classic aesthetics and increasing value.

Luxury timepieces like the Omega Seamaster are still your best option when going to business meetings, attending formal parties, etc.    But with the introduction of handy features in smartwatches, we just can’t resist buying one or even updating the current one we have.    Heart rate monitoring features, pedometer, and email checking features–smartwatch features that once left us in awe have become a thing of the past.    More advanced features are being added in smartwatches and it’s so hard to keep up. So gather round smartwatch enthusiasts! Here are the 4 game-changing features in smartwatch features that you should look for when you’re buying one.




The always-on retina display feature means that you can look at the time, or at your schedule, whatever you have set up as default, even without raising your hand the way you do in current smartwatches.  This might be a feature already present in other smartwatches but this year, Apple joined the Always-On display club, if there is one.    This feature might require adding a battery-saving functionality but it also means you don’t need to click the digital crown or tap your smartwatch just to look at the time.




Samsung is taking wellness to the next level by adding a wellness coach feature.    While there are already a lot of features in smartwatch centering on wellness and active lifestyle, the wellness coach is a new unique introduction.    Samsung released this feature in the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.    It tracks real-time stress levels and gives guided meditation sessions.

Along with Wellness Coach, there is also an added feature in the Samsung smartwatch that they call the Lifestyle Assistant.    The Lifestyle Assistant allows the users to control the phone cameras through the smartwatch, as well as browse social media.




A lot of digital devices tend to get less responsive as you install more apps in it.    It has to do with small storage and small RAM capacity.    The Fossil brand addressed this and added as the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset feature in the Gen 5 Carlyle HR.    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 is a quad-core processor paired with a co-processor, the QC1110.    If that sounds very technical, it just means that when you’re using the smartwatch, it provides the power that matches an optimum performance. When you’re not using the watch, it switches to a very low power setting.    This, therefore, reduces battery consumption when your watch is on standby.    The QC1110 uses 20x less power than the standard chipset. Again, this just all refers to a battery saving feature.    While Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is able to extend the smartwatch to a week-long battery, an upcoming release of Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3300 promises a 5 year-jump in performance improvements from the 3100 version.




Now this one is already present in Apple Watches whenever it reminds you to complete your circles in the Activity App. Or when it reminds you to “breathe.”    Breathe and Activity App works by reminding you with a vibrating sound from the back of the apple watch.    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. announced a sneak peek of what’s to come in Apple Watches.    Apple is planning to release a very personal smartwatch enabled by the haptic feedback.    If you think being able to text through your smartwatch is cool enough, then wait for this feature as it will become the most expensive messaging app to be expected.    The gist of it is that you can remind your loved one that you miss them just by sending a secret vibrating pattern.    It’s not surprising if morse code will be the new old-way to send messages.



So, you have three amazing features that have already been released this year and one new   feature to look out for.   Either you’re now itching to upgrade your smartwatch, or waiting for the release of the haptic updates.


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