6 Tips For Becoming A Runner

Statistics show that running just 20 miles a week can help you live longer. Have you ever considered trying running? What questions do you have about the sport? Are you concerned about getting injured? Keep reading to learn tips for how to become a runner and get started today.


Get Fit For Running Shoes

Unlike other sports, running requires very little equipment – just a pair of running shoes and a place to run. Getting fit for the proper running shoes for your feet is key. Wearing shoes that are too small or don’t have enough support can cause you to get an injury early into your training. Think of running shoes as an investment into your health. They may not be the most affordable shoe out there but they can help you avoid pain while you are running and keep you moving forward in your training.  


Start Slow

You have likely heard the term that slow and steady wins the race. This is true when starting your training. You don’t need to be racing anyone or trying to beat a certain time when you are starting out. Just getting out the door for a run is a victory itself and adding small wins can create bigger training wins down the road. You don’t need to be following a training plan from the start. You can do a mix of walking and jogging if needed until you can run a few miles without stopping.  


Find Your Time to Run

Some people like to run in the morning to start their day, while others like to run at night to decompress from the day. Finding the best time for you to run can be trial and error. You may find that you are too exhausted after work to run and choose to do it in the morning instead. If you like to hit snooze on your alarm clock, you might be a night runner. Building running into your routine can help you stick to consistent training and get into shape faster.  


Find People to Run With

Group runs are very common and a great way to meet new people. Running with a group can hold you accountable and prevent you from deciding not to run that day. A run with others is a great opportunity for conversation and can help training feel easier. Not many people like to run 10 miles on their own but if they know there is another person or a group to run it with, it becomes less daunting of a task.  


Take Rest Days

As you get into the sport of running, it will be easy to want to run everyday when you are in shape. Taking rest days are very important because running is a sport in which overuse injuries are very common. Hard surfaces are hard on your legs and can eventually lead to muscle or bone issues. Taking a break can help your next runs feel better as well once you are rested. You can still be productive on rest days but just not put any miles in.


Take Recovery Seriously

Before you take any steps on the road, you should get your thyroid levels checked. Making sure that your levels are normal prior to starting can prevent you from having issues with muscle function or hormone fluctuation with taking on a new, intensive activity.  

Investing in a foam roller to massage the aches in your muscles can prevent injuries from occurring. Actively stretching after a run and not immediately sitting or laying down can help as well. Addressing any areas of pain with heat or ice can prevent them from growing into a more concerning problem. Proper recovery can help your next workouts feel better too.


Start Running Today

Now that you have read some tips on how to become a runner, you can get started today. The hardest part about getting in shape is getting in shape. After that, running will start to become easier the more often that you run. This is an activity that not only benefits your health, but doesn’t require a gym membership. You can run on road trips and vacations to explore the new places that you visit.  



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