7 Best Ways To Improve Cardio Fitness

When the entire world is intimdated by the pandemic due to coronavirus, it is not possible to hit the gym to do exercises. So, what most people are doing? Well, people are trying to do free-hand exercises or running on the trade mill, and when they are not getting the desired output, they are quitting.

On the other hand, it is not only because of the COVID-19 situation, but cardio exercises are always dreadful things for people even before the pandemic.

A true fact that one cannot deny the benefits of cardio exercises in their regular life. However, what people don’t know is that doing cardio doesn’t mean that it has to do it in the most rigid ways. There are some other processes in which one can improve their cardio fitness.

This article is about the major key elements that you can include in your cardio routine. Following these essential tips, you can achieve your fitness goals.

Planning Your Workout Beforehand

Whether you are going to hop on the trade mill or just go for running on the street, you need to plan it first.

If you don’t follow a schedule while exercising, you would always be going to miss something.

Focusing on other exercises and skipping cardio won’t be effective in case you want to improve your fitness. If other activities are making you tired, then it is better to start with cardio first.

Keeping your focus entirely on the exercise and not any other distractions like a magazine or book is actually going to make you fit.

Don’t Skip a Dynamic Warm-up.

Your body needs to be prepared for the tasks you are going to perform to complete your cardio exercise. That is why it is vital to do a warm-up process before getting engaged in any kind of physical activity.

A warm-up process is going to increase your mobility, and you won’t end up having injuries. Skipping the process is never a good idea.

Try Sprint-walking

A common yet effective high-intensity interval training (HIIT) example is sprint-walking. You don’t need any gym equipment or any other specific thing for this exercise. If you have access, then you can do it on a track; otherwise, you can do this on the streets too.

If you are wondering how to start sprint-walking, it’s quite simple. You can sprint towards any direction, then walk back to where you have started.

As mentioned earlier, even if you are sprint-walking, you need to warm-up for a few minutes. The sprinting session can last up to 15-20 seconds, and walking sessions would last up to 25 seconds to 2-3minutes based on your capability.

No matter how simple sprint-walking sounds, you need to very cautious while doing this activity. Injuries like sprained ankles, hamstrings can happen if one is not alert while sprint-walking.

Sprinting up- Walking down

This process includes three steps:

  1. The first step is to look out for a steep hill in your locality.
  2. For the warm-up process, start jogging towards the hill and then sprint to the hill’s top. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of effort initially, but once you get used to it, you can feel the difference

 in your ability.

  1. The third step is walking down the hill and repeat the process as per your capacity. At first, you might feel breathlessness, jog lightly towards your home to cool down your system.

Riding Machines

Trade mills are not the only machine that you can ride for cardio training. There are other useful machines, like bikes or ellipticals.

Bikes and elliptical are great for interval exercising. The method of such exercise usually is to start pedaling really very fast for 30-45 sec and then pedal slow for 45 sec. Increase the time limit after a few more practices.

Needless to say, no matter which type of machine you are riding to get fit, always remember to have 2-5minutes of the warm-up session.

Strength Training

Doing alternating exercises can help you relax the muscles that you have just worked on and put other muscles into moving conditions. For instance, if you are doing push-ups, after that, you can go for squats, followed by bench dips, lunges, etc. Repeat the whole circle 2 to 3 times taking 30sec to 1-minute break.

Performing repeating and alternating powerlifting activities can surely improve your cardio fitness and increase immunity. If you are interested in hard core strength training exercise then you have to visit South Florida Athletic Club to know more about the training programs.


Only one session in a blue moon is not going to get you the fitness you desire. One needs to get engaged in an entire process of warming up to a cooling down regime. Regular exercise is the key to elevate your heart rate.


If you are new at exercising, you surely have pain and the willingness to quit. However, if you can overcome such a situation and be dedicated, your efforts will pay off. Hang in there, and you will be in a happy place (both mentally and physically).



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