An Ultimate Guide To Eating Healthy At Work

Gone are the days when people used to work the land. Most of us now sit at our desks and carry out our official tasks. To deliver the best productivity and quality work, one must stay energetic, fueled, and focused.

We all know that we must have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But sometimes it we just sit through those nine hours, skipping lunch, barely moving, having a lot of coffee and doing exactly what we shouldn’t to stay healthy.

It is ideal to stay hydrated and well fed, even at work by making healthier choices and not letting our health concerns fall by the wayside. But what if you are failing to do so?

Here, we will take you through some helpful, easy to follow tips on eating healthy at work.


Tips to Eating Healthy at Work


1.       Well Begun is Half Done – Start with a Healthy Breakfast

Your morning meal is the most critical meal for your overall health. A healthy breakfast not only keeps you fueled up until mid day but also helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and thus an overall improvement in your productivity at work.

The companies offering the best medical insurance in UAE, suggest that you eat a healthy home cooked breakfast. This keep you from loading up on calorie dense unhealthy food options like bagels, donuts, waffles, etc., in the office.


2.       Build a Routine

We often fall into bad habits’ trap because we don’t have a routine. Try creating a pattern for different meals you are going to have in a day and invest some time in meal prep. It helps you make healthier choices for your meal. The best part is that you prepare your meals according to your diet plans and the decision for eating is made before you are hungry.

You can also dedicate some time to preparing healthy snacks like fruit salads, packing nuts, seeds, carrot sticks for work. This saves you from buying packed food like sweets, potato chips, or candies from the vending machine.


3.       Educate Yourself

Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy — learn about different foods and diet plans. It is to get a fair idea about the nutritional value and impact of different food types have on your body.

This knowledge motivates you to make simple and easy changes in your diet that yield better outcomes in the long run. For example, you can take egg and toast in the breakfast instead of jam with the toast. This will not only reduce your sugar intake, but you’ll amp up on your proteins too.

Having a sound health insurance policy is an important element of a health plan that’s designed to work in your favour. If you op for health insurance plan ,  you will be offered free health consultations to discuss health concerns followed by a diet plan to address those issues.


4.       Don’t Skip Meals

When you eat is as important as what you eat. You must have your meals on time and avoid skipping any one of them.   If you go without food for hours, your glucose level will drop and that can lead to poor concentration at work. Skipping meals also results in overeating in your next meal.


5.       Stay Hydrated

Sometimes we can’t figure out if we are hungry or thirsty. So if your are feeling hungry immediately after having a meal, you’re probably dehydrated. To avoid this, try drinking more water instead of reaching out to a snack pack in your bag. You can carry a water bottle and use apps like ‘Water SmarTrace’ to track your water consumption through out the day.

Most companies providing health insurance plans in the UAE also come with these kinds of apps to help you keep track of your daily intake. You can get in touch with your health insurance provider and check if they offer the same.


Final Thoughts

Prepare yourself for the times when you are likely to make a bad choice in terms of food. Advance meal prep is a savior in this case.

Go through various healthy cooking channels on YouTube and learn to cook quick, healthy recipes. By doing this, you can stick to your healthy routine even if you have loads of work to do. You will be able to follow a nutritious lifestyle no matter how many deadlines you need to meet.

Staying healthy can also help you reduce your health insurance premiums. Most medical insurance plans in the UAE offer lower premiums for individuals who have no health issues. So, focusing on your health can also help you save money and increase your funds.

Drastic changes in lifestyle are often a recipe for disaster for a person who wants to see some positive changes. Start with just one habit and stick to it to see the difference and get motivated to do more.



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HealthStatus teams with authors from organizations to share interesting ideas, products and new health information to our readers.

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