Best Pedal Exercises For Seniors

The older we get more health concerns we face than when we were in our early twenties or thirties. Health and wellness is a predominant topic in society today.   Exercising and eating well can help us to maintain our mobility and overall health for many years.

Human evolution has led to many changes in the environment, travel, food, and medicine. These have impacted our life cycle drastically.

The average life expectancy used to be 55 years old, the new global average life expectancy is 72 years old. The average life expectancy for me is 70 and 75 for women. Have you thought about what you will be capable of doing at that age?


The Advantages of Pedal Exercises

We all lead busy lives while also trying to lead healthy lives, but ultimately falling short due to physical and time constraints. The idea of exercise seems more daunting and impossible the older we get.

Pedal exercise has been shown to improve circulation, flexibility, and cardiovascular systems. They are also low impact enough not to do any harm to your body. The three most recommended pedal exercises for seniors are bicycling, using an elliptical machine, and using a pedal exercise machine.


Biking/ Cycling

Many people think that biking is not a low-impact exercise, however, biking is easy on the joints as your body absorbs minimal shock from pedaling. There are three different ways of biking/ cycling. You could use a stationary bike, a road/mountain bike, or an electric bike.

The nice thing about a stationary bike is that you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home to use it. The downside is that it does take up a lot of space and can be costly to purchase.

Road bikes/mountain bikes require thorough research as to the terrain and surfaces you ride on. The electric bike will also take those factors into account.

If you are considering road biking it would be a wise suggestion to look into electric bikes as they are not only great for working out, but they are also an effective form of transportation. Using an electric bike will allow your back and neck to relax a little more as the motor will help you through different terrains and on an uphill.

If you find that a normal bicycle puts too much strain on your back, neck and shoulders, you can always look into trying a recumbent bike instead. A recumbent bike allows you to sit back and have the pedals and handlebars positioned right in front of you.


The Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines provide low-impact workouts which are important in seniors as it takes the pressure off of joints such as your knees, ankles, hips, and elbows. Elliptical machines provide a good cardio workout and can strengthen your lungs and heart.

Using an elliptical machine provides both an upper and lower body workout. When used correctly an elliptical machine will work out various muscles in the body. It will allow you to maximize the benefits to your upper body as it distributes your weight and resistance evenly.

Weight-bearing exercises can help improve your balance as well as strengthen your bones. If you let go of the handles of your elliptical machine while exercising you can work on your balance as well as your core muscles, however before doing so make sure that you’re inclined, and resistance is at a manageable level so you can do this safely.


Pedal Exercise Machine

A pedal exerciser is a lightweight, portable, and affordable piece of equipment. Using a pedal exerciser has been proven to increase the cardiovascular system and provide you with better flexibility and circulation. Like other pedal exercises, this will also prolong mobility by keeping your joints healthy.

A pedal exerciser gives the ability to maintain a consistent exercise routine without disrupting your day-to-day activities. One of the best parts of the pedal exerciser is the ability it affords us to multitask. You can exercise while reading, knitting, playing games, or watching TV.

Some pedal exercisers are known to be quiet enough to be used in the library, office, or even during a movie. Here is a link to help you make your research on pedal exercises is easier.



Each of the above-mentioned exercises has its pros and cons. always ensure that you do enough research on the equipment you are buying to ensure that it meets your needs and provides you with safety and stability while exercising.

Not everyone’s reasons for using exercise equipment would be the same because not everyone’s needs are the same therefore different products will work for different people.

Some of the most important questions to ask when looking into exercise equipment is budget, height, weight, and fitness level, and space requirements.

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