Fitness Motivation: 5 Fitness Influencers for Every Body Type

No matter what your body type is, you deserve to feel healthy and energetic every day. Sometimes, finding the motivation to stay healthy can be tricky. While there are countless new fitness fads out there that claim to keep you fit, these are largely tailored to specific body types. These days, you don’t need to be put off by rigorous regimes and unrealistic eating plans. Instead, there is a whole host of fitness influencers that suit every lifestyle, age, and body type. The best part is they are all easy to try, and even easier to stick to.


What is your body type?


There have been many ways to categorize body types over the years. When it comes to fitness, it isn’t the apples and pears model you should follow. It is in fact a lot easier to understand, as there are only three body types that apply to both men and women:


  •       Endomorph– Average metabolism and build. Easier to gain muscle and lose fat. Widely considered the middle-man between Mesomorph and Ectomorph.
  •       Mesomorph– Slow metabolism, stocky, wide frame. Finds it easier to gain muscle, but also fat. This is usually stored in the bottom half of the body.
  •       Ectomorph– Fast metabolism, lean body, long limbs. Typically finds it harder to gain muscle or fat.


Knowing your body type is very useful for when you want to follow certain eating plans, or for when you need to target a specific part of your body during exercise. This is because each body type affects the way your body stores and metabolizes fat. Even so, there are five fool-proof fitness influencers that help every one of these body types reach a balanced lifestyle.


Classic Influencers


A Healthy Diet


Fitness isn’t just about weight loss or building muscle, but about being the healthiest version of yourself. This is hard to remember when various fitness outlets prioritize looks over health, but generally speaking, looking great and feeling better often follow a diet rich in nutrients.

The rule here is simple. Fill your daily food intake with foods high in healthy fats, vitamins, and protein, but low in salt, sugars, and processed ingredients. You’ll find this means much of your plate is made up of vegetables and whole grains. If you’re trying to reach a specific fitness goal, dial your calorie intake down to lose weight, and up to gain muscle. Most importantly, remember that it’s more than OK to treat yourself to your favorite foods every now and then.


Regular Exercise


People want to try new, high-intensity exercises every day. Though this is a great way to stay toned, it is also easy to become demotivated when you’re putting so much strain on your body. Instead, take the slow train. The trick is to choose an exercise you love doing. Focus on exercises that feel great, and which you look forward to coming back to the next time around. It may take a while, but you’ll get there.

Popular examples include swimming, walking, running, and strength training. These full-body workouts put health at the top of your list, and benefit every single body type. Not only can you expect to feel fitter and more energetic, but you’ll enjoy lower blood pressure and alleviated stress.


Good Quality Sleep


You may not realize it, but not having between 7-9 hours of sleep every night can be a big problem for fitness. 67% of people who experience a bad nightly sleep also report having poor health. When you’re feeling tired and snappy, you’ll rarely want to work out. You’ll also be drawn naturally towards saltier, more processed foods.

This knock-on effect massively influences your fitness levels, so it is essential to cram those extra hours in. If your sleep suffers due to work, try sleeping ten minutes earlier every night. If it’s stress, essential oils and seeing a therapist can work wonders. Once you get into a realistic sleeping pattern, you’ll notice just how much more energy you can give to each workout.


Modern Influencers


Online Communities    


Staying motivated is a difficulty people face every day when it comes to fitness. If you’re living by yourself, or simply need a boost from your peers, online communities are the perfect place to find the fitness motivation you’re looking for. Be it blogs, personal journeys, or emotional support, they offer something that your family or friends at home may not be able to help with.

As with every online platform, there are a few warnings to bear in mind. Namely, remember to double-check any fitness advice with a nutritionist or fitness expert before you jump in, as not everyone on these sites will have reliable credentials. If you spot any encouragement of disordered eating or unhealthy habits, remember to stick to reading trusty articles only, or report any abuse to the community leader.


Social Media Influencers


The wonderful thing about social media is that it has blessed the general public with a great source of fitness inspiration and motivation. From healthy food accounts to at-home exercise ones, there’s nothing you won’t find. These kinds of accounts are ideal for when you want to try something new, or you want to focus on body type-specific exercises.    

These accounts can be inspirational, but they can also cause problems with body image if they aren’t used correctly. If you ever begin to feel bad, it’s Ok to step away from social media and find your inspiration from another source, like fitness magazines. Also, don’t beat yourself up if your body doesn’t look the same as theirs. It’s easy to get swept up with comparing yourself, but as long as you’re happy and healthy, that should be enough to stay motivated.


Choosing Your Influencer


The best part about these fitness influencers is that they can suit any body type, but it may still take you a while to fit into a routine that suits you. That’s because it isn’t just body type to consider, but your lifestyle and mental health. Though it’s easy to be discouraged if this routine doesn’t work out, remember it’s always best to keep trying. After a while, you’ll find it fun and effortless to slip into your daily routine.  



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