How People Of All Ages Can Stay Active

This year, exercise has looked different than it has in the past. Many people used to visit gyms and boutique exercise studios on a regular basis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many individuals are working out in their homes or in the outdoors. Exercise is important for people across every age group. Whether you enjoy strolling through gardens or hitting the weight room, there are ways that people of all ages can stay active.


For children, the best form of exercise is playing. Outdoor and indoor play allows kids to express their creativity. Children should be allowed to explore and discover the things that are interesting to them. As kids learn to play sports and games, it is important for them to be educated about the ways that activity is beneficial. In addition, kids should be educated on the way their activity is affecting their muscles and joints.


In the period of time between elementary and high school, kids are typically getting involved in clubs and sports teams. Sports teams are a great way to enhance fitness while improving the sense of camaraderie. If an adolescent is shy and does not want to participate in a team sport, there are many ways they can continue to be active in a smaller setting. Long strolls around the track, bike rides, and going to swim at the local sports center can help kids release physical and mental stress.


Similar to adolescents, many teenagers choose to participate in team sports. As sports get more challenging in later years, many teams begin integrating strength training and conditioning into their weekly regimen. As teenagers gain more freedom and have an ability to drive, they can exercise by going hiking at a local park. In addition, they can go biking or running. The teen years are typically when students become interested in strength training. Although some gyms are still closed, students can purchase dumbbells and do exercise routines in their homes. If teenagers need additional inspiration and accountability, there are many video-based exercise programs that can be completed at home.

Young Adults

As people enter adulthood, they lose energy towards fitness due to career goals and busy work schedules. As you get older, it takes more dedication to exercise on a regular basis. Consider finding a job at a company that has a fitness facility on their premises. This makes it easy to sneak in a workout before or after work. If you do not have a workout facility, you can use your lunch break to go for a walk or bike ride outside. By combining social interaction with activity, you can make sure that you are making time for friends and fitness. Instead of getting dinner with a peer, consider going for a walk together. If you are in need of more specialized training, find a personal trainer that can work with you at times that accommodate your busy schedule.

Middle-Aged Adults

Middle-aged adults are typically swamped by busy work schedules and clashing family schedules. In addition, some physical conditions are revealed in the middle-aged years. When you reach your forties, it is important to complete low-impact exercises that are not damaging to your joints and bones. Different forms of exercise work for different people. Find a form of exercise that accommodates your body and fits into your schedule.

Senior Citizens

No matter how old you are, it is important to prioritize movement. If you are a senior citizen, low-impact movements are typically the best way to support a healthy body. Low-impact activities include walking, swimming, and yoga. There are many assisted living facilities that create environments for individuals to be active with one another. Long House has care homes for seniors with Alzheimers that accommodates individuals that are at different varying ranges of their illness. This environment helps promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors with Alzheimers.



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