How To Bring Fitness Into Your Relationship

Healthy relationships require a foundation built on several important items. Some that often come to mind first are trust, affection, and understanding. Each of these deserves to be part of the cornerstone of your relationship, but physical wellness also deserves consideration.

After all, if you care about your partner, you will want them to live a long and healthy life. By bringing fitness into your relationship, you can stay healthy for each other and grow stronger together.

As your relationship evolves to include healthy elements, you may even strengthen other areas like trust. You might be tabbed to find health insurance for your girlfriend or be asked to be listed as an emergency contact for your boyfriend. As your bond strengthens through fitness, other parts of your relationship can grow as well.

Spending hours together at the gym is not the only way to prioritize physical activity. Here are a few things you can do to make fitness a point of emphasis in your relationship.


Do Something Active for Date Night

Physical fitness can be achieved through other means than simply running or lifting weights. Realistically, anything that enables you to be moving for an extended period of time can be considered fitness. With this in mind, the playbook for a healthy date night opens significantly.

You can start as simple as you like. A long walk in the park is a perfect way to spend time talking together while also adding movement to your date. If either of you has a dog, they can be a welcome addition as well as a conversation piece to add value to your time together.

Picking something that one or both of you has never done before is also a fun idea. Rollerblading, skiing, and even swimming are good examples of physically active dates that are out of the norm for day-to-day activity.

If either of you is new to the activity, the other will be able to help with getting the hang of it. Or, if you are both new, you can learn together.

Doing something you’ve never done before helps strengthen your trust and communication as a couple, whether you are learning from your partner or learning together. If you make this activity fitness related, then you are doing something positive for your health at the same time.


Play a Sport Together

Sports teach us many things. The list includes hard work, patience, understanding, communication, trust, and support for your teammates. If this list sounds familiar, that’s because each of those qualities is important for a solid relationship.

Sports are also a fun and effective form of fitness, so adding them to your relationship can provide simultaneous benefits to your health and love life. You can get healthy together while strengthening your bond as a couple.

One great thing about playing sports as part of your relationship is that there is versatility. There are options for you to play as just a couple, with games like tennis or golf, or you can make it a more social event by joining a community volleyball or softball team.

The point of playing a sport together is that you have fun while being fit at the same time. Your focus should be on the enjoyment you have while playing alongside your partner. Fitness is a byproduct that you may not even think about. Either way, it is effective.

You can make the sport as competitive as you like as long as it doesn’t negatively affect your interactions with each other. Learn to support each other as a teammate or learn to respect them as an opponent. Your health and relationship will strengthen together.


Hit the Gym

Couples who train together stay together, or so the saying goes. Successful relationships are certainly more complicated than getting a workout in together, but great benefits can be seen from spending time together at the gym.

If you and your partner enjoy different forms of fitness, you can still make it a focus of your relationship simply by going to the gym together. Even if you do different activities, you still walk in and walk out with your partner, which makes it something you are doing together.

You can also take turns choosing the type of workout you do on a given day. One partner may like cardio, the other may like strength. One of you may enjoy group fitness classes while the other prefers to work under his or her own direction.

Not every workout has to be completed together, but if you choose to find a workout partner in your significant other, switching up your fitness routine can be a good thing. From a relationship standpoint, you learn to compromise by letting your partner lead the workout. There are, however, physical benefits as well.

Changing up your workout is a great way to keep your body guessing and adapting to changing stimuli. By taking turns picking a workout, you don’t allow your body to get used to a specific routine. This means that it is constantly getting stronger in different ways.


Stronger Together

Fitness is not the single key to having a fairytale relationship, but it is one of many elements that can be helpful. The health of your body is a component of the health of your relationship, so adding fitness as an activity you do together is positive for multiple reasons.

Some people use their workouts as an escape or a time to be alone. That can be equally important, and it needs to be understood that this doesn’t have to change by adding fitness to your relationship with your partner.

You don’t have to work out together every day, and you don’t necessarily have to even perform the same activities. Simply walking into the gym together and leaving side by side after finishing your work can help strengthen your connection.

Workouts don’t even have to consist of gym time. Having an active date night that includes more than watching a movie or going out to dinner helps bring fitness into your relationship. Simply walking and talking can be beneficial physically and emotionally.

Working out together can even involve playing in a bar league or community league sport. Learning to be a good teammate positively affects your relationship and competing in a sport helps add the element of fitness into both of your nights.

Adding fitness to your relationship doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many options that will benefit you physically and from a relationship standpoint. A regular habit of working out together can even make a talk about life insurance easier as you’ll find cheaper insurance rates if you’re both healthy.  

The important thing to remember is that whatever you do, make sure an aspect of it is done together.


Author Bio:   Dan Chojnacki writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, He has been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 10 years and currently works in Green Bay, WI. In his free time, he enjoys running, golfing, biking, playing tennis, and coaching youth softball.



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