How To Find The Workout That Works For You

It can be super frustrating to put in the time and make the sacrifices to get the body you want without seeing results.

I’ve experienced this before and even had thoughts like, “Maybe I just don’t have the right body for this.”

That’s just untrue. Every single person can achieve the body they want, they just haven’t found the right workout for them!

If you have had this struggle too, just as many have, then keep reading to find the workout that works for you.


The Different Body Types

There are three kinds of body types, each demanding different diets, workout regimens, and care.

Keep in mind, however, that these three body types help to define a spectrum and that it is highly uncommon for someone to fall within these exact definitions.

Not Always Exact

You may find that you share traits with two or more of the defined body types and may fall somewhere “in-between” on the spectrum, rather than within a specific definition.

It is important that you identify your body type and what its demands are, so let’s check them out!


An ectomorph is someone whose body is long and slender. They have higher than average metabolisms and small joints. Ectomorphs typically struggle to gain both muscle and fat.


A mesomorph is someone who has arguably won the genetic lottery. This body type is the traditional “athletic” build and prone to muscle development.

A mesomorph is neither over nor underweight in their body’s natural state. Mesomorph’s bodies tend to have an hourglass shape.


An endomorph falls on the opposite end of the spectrum to ectomorphs, in that they have more body fat, more muscle, and gain weight more easily than any other body type. Typically, endomorphs have a pear-shaped body.


Workouts Suited to Each Body Type

As I mentioned above, it’s incredibly unlikely that your body is one specific type.

You’ll likely need to tailor your workout and diet to your body, though understanding the needs of each somatotype will give you a great start!

Understanding each body type (and yours) will also help you to identify clear, realistic goals.

Ectomorph Diet & Workout

Ectomorphs have the hardest time picking up weight or muscle out of all the body types. For this reason, they should focus on two key areas.


First, ectomorphs should focus on increasing their protein and calories intake. They must provide their body with extra protein (such as protein shakes) before a workout and about an hour after.


Second, they should focus on hypertrophy training.

According to WebMD, “Hypertrophy training focuses mostly on developing your muscles.

You’ll focus on increasing the size of your muscle fibers, developing large muscles in areas that you work out the most.

These might be places like your thighs, calves, biceps, or back.”

You are essentially tearing your muscles so that their “repair” causes increased muscle mass.

Mesomorph Workouts & Diet

Mesomorphs are lucky in that they are a mix between an ectomorph and endomorph body type. Because of this, they can use an equal mix of both workout and diet plans.

Workout & Diet

Mesomorphs should center their fitness around their fitness goals. If you’re looking to bulk up, you should consider a high protein, weight-orientated plan, much like ectomorphs. Conversely, if you are looking to slim down, you should consider an endomorph-type diet and workout plan.


Keep in mind that as a mesomorph, your body will lose muscle mass and more easily gain fat as you age. Even if you are in peak physical condition, you should do maintenance training to keep the muscles on and the weight off.

Endomorph Workouts & Diet

As we know, endomorphs gain both muscle and fat easily, though would find it harder than any other body type to lose either of those things.

For this reason, endomorphs should focus on any exercise that promotes fat loss.


Plyometric and resistance exercises are great for this.

Plyometrics are short, explosive exercises that train the cardiorespiratory system. The outcome here is an improved metabolic efficiency, which in turn assists weight loss, even when inactive.


Endomorphs should cut fat and carbs from their diet, focusing rather on high fiber and moderate protein intake.


How to Know if Your Workouts are Effective

For ectomorphs, this means muscle gain and strength, and, conversely, for endomorphs, this means weight loss and cardiovascular endurance and health.

Goal Setting

It helps to know what your goals are. Even endomorphs can put a lot of emphasis on muscle gain if that is their priority. Setting goals allows you to mark off milestones and track progress effectively.

Listen To Your Body

Also, allow yourself to feel your body. As an ectomorph, do you feel stronger? As an endomorph, do you feel lighter? Your body will tell you whether your workouts are working for you above all else!

Identify Your Goals

While I can recommend you check what workout plan would suit your body, you have to take into consideration your goals and what you would like your body to look like.

If you are an ectomorph, you may not want to “bulk” up too much, even though you should include weight training in your workout. How do you factor this in then? Well, understanding your body type is only part of your workout plan.


To start, research which workouts suit your body and then research which exercises will aid you in getting your dream bod!

Mix them both – start with a 50-50 split.

Once you’ve done this for a while, drop what you feel isn’t working and add more of what is working. Remember, your workout plan is yours, so build your plan around you!

Set Realistic Goals & Timeframes

Here’s something I come across a lot: “WHY AM I NOT SEEING THE RESULTS I WANT???”

Well, to start, have you set yourself realistic goals? Sure, you may not see the results you want, but there’s a word you’ve left out – “Yet”.

You can achieve almost anything you want, but you have to take into account that every goal will take a specific, realistic amount of time.

When setting goals, ensure that you are realistic.

I recommend that you add one or two weeks to every milestone goal initially, at least until you’ve figured out how to realistically set goals.


Fit It Into Your Schedule

On the topic of being realistic, let’s talk about your schedule. Your workout shouldn’t become a burden to you or your schedule.

If you only have an hour available, slot your workout into that.

It’s incredibly detrimental to your mental health to try to do too much, especially if you’re just getting into working out.

Mix it up!

Another way to keep your workout fun is to mix up your schedule. Try, for example, to schedule your workout in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and schedule your workouts in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. ‘


Do Your Own Research

Like I said above, you need to put yourself into your workout plan. While an understanding of body types and preset workout plans are great, you are the one you’re working out for, so you should do your own research and find what works for you.

I recommend finding info from expert sources so that you do not do anything detrimental to your journey or your health.


Find Proper Gear

Don’t just focus your research on the exercise or diet itself. Remember that your equipment is just as important, especially when you’re working out at home.

Reading fitness gear reviews can be a big help in finding out what equipment will be the best fit for you.


Share your thoughts!

If you have any questions for me, ask away in the comments section!

Likewise, if you have any tips for readers that I’ve neglected above, then share them with us in the comments! If you found this helpful, sharing the post with your friends helps us out. Until next time, happy gains!



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