How To Stay Fit While Having Fun

How To Stay Fit While Having Fun

Exercise might seem like a major chore, especially if there’s no real plan. The fact of the matter is that staying fit is important to your health. Taking care of your body means that you stay feeling healthier and looking better. With the right attitude, fitness can actually be a fun pastime that you look forward to partaking in rather than being a burden that you try to avoid. Here are some great ideas for staying fit while also having fun.

Take a Whole Life Fitness Approach

Yes, fitness involves exercising regularly and listening to your body. To truly make fitness fun, you’ve got to take on a whole life fitness approach. Start by doing regular cardiovascular exercise to help condition your body and build up your muscles. At first, a brisk 30-minute walk might truly knock the wind out of you. It will be challenging.  After that no longer feels challenging, pump it up to 45-minute walks, and so on. Then, add in weights and other types of fitness activities so that you are always challenging your body and various muscle groups. Lastly, begin to incorporate healthy meals, meditation, and even holistic medicine and aim for a whole life fitness lifestyle.

Create a Fitness Point System

A lot of people end up needing some additional motivation to start and stick with a fitness routine. If you know that you don’t really enjoy working out, consider working with a fitness point system. Keep track of how well you meet your fitness goals, then reward yourself with positive treats. For instance, a person who meets their personal fitness goal of working out four times a week might reward themself with a two-hour Netflix TV show marathon on the weekend on account of their good work. Someone else might treat themselves to a new outfit after shaving off 10 pounds. Make it more fun by rewarding yourself for putting fitness first.

Interactive Video Games

Whether you enjoy running on a treadmill in your home gym or lifting weights at the local gym, there’s no reason not to add in other exciting forms of physical activity. Interactive video games can make for a lot of fun because they involve games of skill, puzzle, and competitions. There are all sorts of gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One that require players to move their bodies rather than playing with a hand-held controller. There are dancing games as well as video games that simulate sports like tennis. Just as you would sit down and play a shooting simulator, interactive video games can bring a thrill. Ask a friend to join in and play with you remotely so that you can socialize, have fun, and get in a good workout.

Outdoor Recreational Activities

If you really want to make staying fit fun, then you have got to get outdoors. Just walking out of your home and going for a walk around the neighborhood can be invigorating, particularly if you have been cooped up inside for a while. There are also activities such as kayaking, where you can bring a partner with you and enjoy the scenery. Pretty much any activity that involves the water, like water aerobics, swimming, or even paddle boating can be exciting and fun. Whether in the summer or winter, working outside will get your blood pumping and give you something to look forward to. Exercise outdoors on a regular basis so that you have a chance to zone out, clear your mind, and see something new.

Get Fit with a Friend

No matter how you slice it, having a workout buddy will make working out exponentially more enjoyable. You can work out with a friend who has similar fitness goals as you or work out with someone a little more or less fit so that you can provide each other with motivation and support. Moreover, working out with a friend means that you have someone to be accountable to. You won’t be able to slack off without it impacting your friend, which means that you are going to be less likely to skip workout sessions.  If you don’t want fitness to feel like a drag, add a social element into your exercise plan and always bring a workout buddy along with you.

Working out is only boring if you think of it that way. Retrain your brain to enjoy working out because the bottom line is that it is essential for your body. Working out regularly keeps people younger. It can help to prevent dangerous diseases and disorders such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps to regulate mood and mental health. Once you get used to working out, it starts to feel like second nature and you actually look forward to elevating your heart rate. Find a way to make working out more enjoyable and you will never find yourself skipping a workout again.



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