When looking for a well rounded exercise that focuses on the upper body, a pull up should be high on the list. While many people are reluctant to try pull ups for reasons such as neglect or thinking it might be too hard for them, they’re still an important part of a good training routine.

Not all pull ups are the same. Changes in grip and stance can alter what kind of pull up you’re doing. This changes which muscles are being worked, and how hard. When we do a pull up, we’re working the muscles on the upper portion of our bodies, especially those around the spine and in the abdomen. To a lesser extent we’re also utilizing the muscles in our shoulders and upper arms.

It’s hard to effectively work these muscles without incorporating pull ups into the exercise schedule. Gym machines can make poor attempts at duplicating the range of motion, but only a pull up truly and effectively works the necessary muscles.

While it can be intimidating to contemplate that first pull up, it’s important not to give up. Even a single repetition might be a serious struggle, but everything starts somewhere. With patience and persistence, you can work up to including them in your regular gym activities.

Key Points:

  • 1Pull ups are a vital exercise because they work so many muscle groups.
  • 2Many people avoid pull ups because they are so difficult if you have not built your upper body strength.
  • 3There are many techniques such as jump pull ups, hanging on the bar, and working with a partner that can help you work towards pull ups

If you can’t pull up – do not give up and do not go to the pulling machine. Doing this exercise will not bring you closer to doing full pull-ups.

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