Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

The secrets to a healthy body and cleansed mind lie in the lap of Mother Nature. The human body, as they say, is made up of five basic elements-earth, fire, water, air, and space. It is only when the five elements are in a natural state of equilibrium that the body feels physically and mentally healthy. And what better way to bring all the elements in sync than a practice which is as old as the origins of knowledge itself.

Yoga, the word which has gained recognition in the past few years, which blends the anatomical secrets with a unique philosophy to weave a discipline which is centred on a positive mind and healthy body. Yoga is a discipline which works for people of all ages with varying health conditions. With regular practice, one can develop better self-control and tranquility over body and mind.


Finding your Anchor

What sets yoga apart from other workout routines is the fact that it is not merely composed of a few exercise routines but constitutes an entire discipline it itself, which is focused on bringing stability. With deep breathing and balancing exercises, it enables the body to come closer to the mind, thus allowing the person to find their anchor. The exercises are focused on coordinating the hand-eye movements. A great exercise for developing balance and improving posture is the tree position where you stand on one leg while the other rests against the calf of the balancing leg in a manner that a right angle is created. Once you find your balance in the position, maintain it for a minute while focusing at one spot.


Destressing and Mental Cleanse

Stress is a natural part of our day to day lives. While it is not practically possible to avert it completely, efforts can be made to lower the stress levels for a healthy mind and body. Yoga acts as a mental cleanse primarily because it reduces the cortisol levels in the body which is the primary reason for stress and hypertension. The hormone triggers serotonin which relates closely to depression. Instead of relying on western medicines for stress relief, it is advisable to accommodate yoga as a routine part of your day.


Health of the Heart

Excess weight gain and hypertension are one of few reasons which are detrimental to the health of the heart. Hypertension causes the arteries to thicken which reduces the flow of blood and oxygen, thus creating blockages in the heart. With the help of yoga, you can not only reduce the inflammation but its stress removal therapy also contributes to a healthier heart. The downward dog pose is best suited for maintaining a healthy heart. The journey to inner discovery through yoga requires a guru who can guide you through the path and also correct your postures during practice sessions. This discipline is aptly incorporated by yoga Melbourne who are thorough professionals in the art and science of yoga.


A Good Sleep

With reduced stress levels, yoga also helps in improving the quality of everyday sleep which automatically regulates problems like blood pressure, obesity, and depression. Since yoga is a comprehensive lifestyle in itself, it requires the person to have disciplined sleeping and waking hours too which eventually culminates into a healthy sleep pattern. There are reports which claim that with regular practice, yoga reduces the ACTH levels in the body, which brings down the anxiety levels too. Moreover, other reasons which do not agree with the heart like weight and blood pressure are also addressed with continuous yoga practice.


Breathe Better

According to studies, 9.5 out of 10 people do not breathe properly which means that the lung capacity is not completely utilised. Most people only breathe horizontally, i.e., from their diaphragm as against breathing vertically where oxygen directly travels to your gut. With the help of breathing exercises like Pranayama, one can control their breath and improve breathing pattern. For people suffering from asthma, yoga is an absolute boon since it improves the vital capacity. Vital capacity is the maximum quantity of air that average human lungs can expel.


Quintessentially, yoga is a lifestyle which is aimed at self-care and positivity. With regular practice, yoga as a multifaceted experience of body, mind, and soul can accentuate the overall condition of a person.



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