Running Tips For Extreme Weather

Running Tips For Extreme Weather

With summer on its way out and cooler weather in sight, the idea of exercising outside is starting to become more appealing. And what better way to enjoy the cool, crisp weather and changing landscape than a run.

But running doesn’t have to be relegated to beautiful fall afternoons. Dedicated runners have developed ways to keep improving their skill and strength even when Mother Nature is not on their side.


During the warm days of summer, the most important thing that you as a runner need to worry about is dehydration. The combination of sweating from exertion and from the heat can take its toll.

To protect yourself from overheating:

·       Drink plenty of fluids, both on your run and throughout the day

·       Carry a water bottle

·       Wear sunscreen

·       Choose lightweight materials that breathe


When the weather outside is chilly, runners often have trouble keeping their muscles warm enough, which can lead to injury. Cold increases stiffness, which makes muscles less flexible and responsive, and therefore more vulnerable to trauma.

Investing in cold weather running gear can prevent unnecessary injury:

·       Wear shoes with traction  for unexpected patches of ice

·       Choose materials that wick away sweat

·       Dress in layers that are easy to remove as you warm up

·       Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids


Sometimes the climate is inhospitable for running because of snow, excessive heat, slippery wet ground, or any number of other factors. When this happens, it is often a better idea to hit the gym rather than the streets. Running on a treadmill can help you build up your strength and