Seven Tips for Improving Foot Care

Seven Tips for Improving Foot Care

A great article was written up by Insulin-Nation about 7 important tips for improving your overall foot care and they very easy and simple tips to include in your routine.

The first step is a very simple one but is more than likely over-looked by a lot of people and that would be to check your feet. The article states to always check your toes, sides, heels, tops, and all areas of your feet and if it’s too much hassle for you, call someone to help you or use a mirror to help you see. If that’s not enough you can always get a doctor to check for you.

Second tip is to wash and dry your feet. The article states to always use warm water with mild soap to wash your feet every single day, using your fingers you can check the water temperature until it reaches a warm suitable temperature for your feet and after thoroughly washing make sure you dry them off because fungal infections usually happen in damp areas so it’s important to make sure your feet and in between your toes are dry.

Applying moisturizer, trimming your toenails and using proper comfortable and lifting shoes will all improve your feet dramatically over time with the proper care.

Key Points:

  • 1Pay attention to your feet; check them regularly for signs of a medical issue such as skin discoloration or unexplained problems.
  • 2Stay as active as you can, and when you have to sit for long periods make a point of wiggling or moving your feet and legs around to keep blood circulating.
  • 3Keep your feet clean and dry to prevent fungal problems, and using moisturizer can reduce issues with dry skin that can be painful.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling your blood glucose levels are essential to foot health.

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