Shark Tank Products That Are Changing The Health Sector

Across Shark Tank’s 11-year run on television, the show has seen a whole host of different products appear on the award-winning program. Although the investment-centered production primarily seeks to reinvigorate entrepreneurship in America, it has also been a significant player in both modernizing and revolutionizing the health sector. So, let’s take a look at several products that are altering the outlook of the health market following their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.


ENERGYbits Algae Tablets

In recent years, there has been a wide array of health-related products that have been pitched on Shark Tank. Fundamentally, many of them have come to fruition because of their respective entrepreneur’s desire to alter the outlook of the global health industry. Despite appearing on the program in season eight, ENERGYbits and their CEO, Catharine Arnston, walked away from their pitch having failed to secure an investment.


Their product, which combines two types of algae, chlorella and spirulina, seeks to target the ever-growing sports nutrition sector. According to a report by Cision, the nutrition-based aspect of the sports industry is set to reach a market size of $31 billion by 2027, thus making it a lucrative market for innovative products. Following the business’s appearance on Shark Tank, ENERGYbits has attracted a lot of attention because of their algae-based tablet’s convenient nature.

Within modern-day society, algae has reportedly resulted in athletes experiencing heightened levels of performance in relation to energy, fatigue, stamina, and more. In turn, this has led to many people believing that it will be at the heart of top-level sporting diets in the coming years. Unlike other market alternatives, however, ENERGYbits’ creation is to be consumed in tablet form. Fundamentally, their forward-thinking product ensures an accessible method of integrating algae into a diet, providing your body with the protein and nutrients required to function, as per their official website.


Keto Pills

In an era where more emphasis than ever before is placed on fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing, it’s hardly surprising that supplement pills have become central to the contemporary health industry. Typically, because of their accessible nature, they seek to ensure that those who take them get enough of the essential nutrients that they need. Much like the sports nutrition sector, the dietary supplements market is thriving, with the industry set to be worth approximately $230.7 billion by 2027, as stated by Grand View Research.

Because of that, increasing numbers of keto-based supplements have appeared on Shark Tank since the shows debut airing back in August 2009. Although many have failed to receive any financial backing from the show’s investors, a handful have been supported by Daymond Lewis and Kevin O’Leary.

Moreover, of all of the pill-based brands to have appeared on the show, Keto Boost is one keto Shark Tank supplement that has proved itself as being a legitimate product. Having amassed positive reviews across numerous platforms, including Amazon, the Keto Boost pills are said to aid with significant weight loss across a three-week period through helping to improve mental stamina and focus.

The reason that these pills are able to achieve such results is because of their ability to send the body into a state of ketosis. Importantly, this is a metabolic process that burns fat instead of glucose when the body requires energy.


Strain-Reducing Computer Glasses by Gunnar Optiks

Aside from diet and performance-related supplements, forward-thinking technology has also been pivotal to the modern-day health industry. Having appeared on Shark Tank back in February 2018, Gunnar Optiks received and accepted a $750,000 offer from Lori Greiner for their strain-reducing computer glasses. The purpose of their multi-styled products are to, as per their website, enhance, optimize, and protect vision when looking at a digital device.


As a result of their continued development following their investment, their eyewear products have become the only patented option on the market that are recommended by doctors. According to a report by The Vision Council, almost 90 percent of Americans use digital devices for more than two hours each day. In turn, it’s clear to see how the Gunnar Optiks’ product has established itself within a competitive market.

Fundamentally, the reason that the computer glasses have enjoyed such success since the company was founded in 2007 is because of their superior blue light protection. Their lens technology seeks to improve visual clarity while also addressing potential side effects of digital eye strain, such as fatigue and headaches.


The Show is Helping to Target Diverse Aspects of the Health Market

Ultimately, there can be no doubt that the very nature of Shark Tank is aiding the long-term outlook of the global health product sector. Not only is the program assisting in bringing recognition to the latest products, but it is also providing a platform for entrepreneurs to make their mark on a whole host of profitable markets.



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