What Is Biohacking Your Health?

What Is Biohacking Your Health?

Biohacking is an up and coming term that is becoming more and more popular.  You are probably going through some biohacking tricks already without even knowing it.  So what is biohacking?  In simple terms it’s making small changes to your health, wellness, or routine to improve your daily life.  This can be in the form of nutrition, diet, lifestyle or exercise.  This is a new form of taking your own health into your own hands without using traditional medicine. 

The hope of doing biohacking is to improve or boost your physical or cognitive performances.  What works for one person though may not work for you so it does take some trial and error to see what biohacking changes will work for you. 

Some examples of biohacking are adding coconut oil to your morning coffee to give you a natural boost of energy, or going to sleep fifteen minutes earlier to see if you wake up more refreshed.  Then you continue to tweak your nighttime sleep time until you find the exact amount of sleep your body needs to be at its very best. 

The thing with biohacking is you change one thing in your nutrition, lifestyle or exercise and keep everything else in your routine the same daily until you see if your change gives you the results that you are wanting.  It’s trying one thing aiming to get a certain specific result.  This technique requires you to be attuned with your body and how your body is reacting.  

It takes a certain type of person to want to biohack.  You are taking your body into your own hands. 

There are three main types of biohacking:  Nutrigenomics, DIY Biology, and Grinder  

Nutrigenomics is switching up your nutrition.  This can even be taking supplements.  The main reason to do nutrigenomics is seeing how your body responds to certain foods.  Does coffee make you too jittery if you drink it too late at night, or do you become super bloated and uncomfortable after eating gluten?  These are things you can try and tweak and record your findings.  After a week you should be able to see the difference if there is any change in how your body responds.  You can focus your nutrigenomics to gain a certain aspect such as losing weight, or lowering your blood pressure.  One diet will affect each person differently so it is important that you listen to your body and see what works best for you.

Some people who do biohacking use lab results or will even wear medical devices to help them learn what might work for their bodies.  You can get a sleep monitor to wear during your sleep to track sleep patterns to see if there are changes that you can do to help you feel more rested.  Other people may take lab tests to see if they can help prevent a disease from occurring with biohacking.  You can also use biohacking to try to prevent the onset of diseases.  Treating symptoms before a disease presents itself.  

Why try biohacking?

People sometimes take biohacking on because they feel lousy and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with them.  So the goal is to make themselves feel better to improve their lives.  The key is to make sure you only change one thing at a time to make sure you see what works for you before moving on to something else.  Anyone can biohack.  It is just if you have the determination to keep with it and keep track of how you feel.  Making sure you have the determination to take your own health into your own hands is what makes you truly successful in biohacking.  


So what is biohacking?  In simple terms it’s making small changes to your health, wellness, or routine to improve your daily life.