Which Walking Aid Is Best For You?

Which Walking Aid Is Best For You?

Having the freedom to walk where you want and when you want is a wonderful part of most people’s daily life. Taking in some fresh air on your lunch break, or hiking up a hill to watch the sunset after work, can refresh and revive your tired body and brain. Unfortunately, though, there might be moments in your life, through unimaginable circumstances, that this freedom could be swiftly taken away from you.

Having decreased or limited mobility can put a strain on both your mental and physical health. If you have limited mobility or you care for somebody that has difficulty walking or moving around, then acquiring a walking aid might be the number one priority for you.

There are plenty of walking aids out there to choose from; they range in size and style to fit into every lifestyle.


Some are traditional:


  1. Walking Stick

Perhaps you have early memories or your grandparents or an elderly neighbor using a walking stick or a cane. Put these memories to the back of your mind when choosing your walking stick; no longer are they the sole property of the aged. Selma Blair has seen to that. The actress, recently diagnosed with MS or Multiple Sclerosis has walked the red carpet using a cane, for all the world to see.

  1. Wheelchair

As you can get both manual and electric wheelchairs, it is useful to have a little think about a few things before you decide on this as your preferred form of walking aid: Are you going to be able to push yourself? Will you have somebody else pushing for you? How comfortable is it? Will it need to be used indoors or outdoors? Also check out what storage it has, useful for it you are carrying large amounts of shopping.

  1. Zimmer Frame

Walking frames designed in the way of the Zimmer, go back as far as the 13th century. There have even been walking aids discovered as far back as the Egyptians. So, the design of this type of walking aid has been tried and tested for centuries. Just make sure that the height is correct for you and that you are strong enough to lift it onto sidewalks or upstairs if you should have to.


Some types of walking aid are more modern:


  1. Mobility Scooter