Mutually Mystified

Hey You, In The Matters of You,

Did you ever notice how many times we worry about things that don’t happen?  How we think people feel about us and how wrong we are when we ask them?  How many times simple things create big  challenges that could have been solved with better communication.

We are mutually “mystified by each other”.  .  .  We think that everyone sees the world as we do and that is is our biggest blind spot.


Perspective causes more conflict than it needs too and now a days we have so many things demanding our time and attention that we don’t take a break to “seek to understand” before we act or speak.


Its time to take responsibility for what we don’t understand and stop placing blame.


We can have a better life just seeking to understand and finding through our own self awareness what is the challenge that we can solve by getting through the mystification we have with each other.


Tony Scelzo is the voice of HealthStatus and our blog You Matters. He is the author of Belay Your Day, a daily guide to Hack Life and The Ultimate Tech Start-Up Manual. He is business coach to over 150 businesses, a consultant and entrepreneur that has founded 4 businesses and been on 9 business teams. A self proclaimed self improvement junky, he has read over 500 books on the subject of mental health and personal wellness. Over the 10 years of training and coaching he has become obsessed with the simple ways to “hack” life for the good. Simple short-cuts to live better.

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