Old or Excuses

Old or Excuses

Hey You, In The Matters Of You,

Are you getting that place where you are starting to “feel” old.  You are tired and don’t know why,  you ache more and don’t know why,  you don’t have the energy and don’t know why or the simple fire you used to have is gone and don’t know why.

Like you I have bouts of all the above.  .  .  and it is easy to call it.  “I’m just getting old”.  .  .  Then I noticed something that is completely amazing.  .  .  I had been dealing w/ years of knee problems seeing my chiropractor once or twice week to put my knee back into joint.  .  .  for an avid golfer thinking that the game that I love may be something I do less of was starting to take a toll on my head.

So I did a little experiment with myself.  I committed to make my legs and joints stronger.  .  .  and for the last two months I have worked out my legs 2 to 3 times a week.

And then this happened.  .  .  I lost 7 lbs,  I got more energy,  I started to jog again,  my knees felt great and I slept better.  The human body is an amazing machine that has the ability to self heal.  Yes it slows down the older you get but it does not stop healing itself.

We start making excuses like “I am getting old”.

Go to work on putting your body into shape and watch how it changes.  .  .  You WILL not notice the difference in two weeks but two months could change your life through habit.