You Matters

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a @#S@

Hey You, In The Matters of You,   Mark Manson has a book that you should read.  .  .  Maybe all of us should read.  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a @$@%.  .  .  Although the title is irreverent its meaning and content is sound with a common sense so uncommon today he had […]

Sort By

Hey You, In the Matters of You, Sort Wisely! I know you are working hard and driving hard to accomplish the goals you are trying achieve.  .  .  but here is something I want you to consider. I recently was made aware to sort my e-mail by who from instead of when it came.  . […]

Keep on Believing and Keep on Learning

Hey You, In The Matters of You, Did you know the average Fortune 500 CEO reads 40 to 60 books a year?  People at the top of their game are constantly learning about their game.  .  . Are you studying the game of life?

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Celebrate More

Hey You, In the Matters of You, Let’s Celebrate! Here are three things you never hear.  .  .  we have too much inspiration,  we have too much hospitality or we just celebrate life too much.  .  .  . I have been researching the historically bluest parts of the world.  .   .  Or the parts […]

Gratitude Is Life

Hey You, In the Matters of You, Finding Gratitude! You probably are having one of those days where everything seems to need more of your attention.  .  .  You got a unexpected bill,  it’s your day to drop off the kids at daycare throwing you into a scramble,  a person you hired is not coming […]

The New Normal

Hey You, In the Matters of You, Creating Normal! There is this crazy concept we have called normal.  .  .  A normal time of life, of business or state of a relationship. What is normal?  In the years I have been a part of and run teams, I was always amazed at what people would think […]