Hey You, In the Matters of You,

Sort Wisely!

I know you are working hard and driving hard to accomplish the goals you are trying achieve.  .  .  but here is something I want you to consider.

I recently was made aware to sort my e-mail by who from instead of when it came.  .  .  sound simple right.  Yeah I know I am not a techie here is what happened.  


I prioritized who I needed to talk to and why.  .  .  I booked 3 meeting I had been trying to get for 3 years in a 24 hour period and I got done what seemed like three days of work in 3 hours.


Here is why I am telling you this.  .  .  I think for all of our health, wealth and wellness initiatives we don’t know how to sort all the information coming at us.   .  .  and here is what I know as a truth.  Confused people don’t make decisions.


Can your prioritize your health and wellness?  Do you know how to sort what you are doing w/ the opportunities you have to better and more well.


Here some easy priorities and ways to sort.


  1.  Steps vs Sitting:


Look at your calendar and ask yourself what can I do walking or standing.  .  .  meetings, calls are very easy.  .  .  since I have done this I have averaged from 3k steps a day to 12k steps a day.


  1.  Less and Smaller:


I plan on 2 meals a day and I eat one meal where I feel like I eat what ever I want I just eat half as much.  .  . 2 things have happened.  I have lost 25 lbs and I spend less money.


  1.  Calendar Workouts:


I live out of my calendar and if its in there I go where it says to go.  .  .  Miraculously I have calendared my workouts and I end up at the gym more.  .  .  get my workouts in and have lowered my body fat percentage 5 % percent.


Sometimes just sorting how information can get to you can make the biggest impact.