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I believe that Uber is not only the most innovative company today but one that is starting a societal change for employees and employers.

I call it the “Uber Effect”.    Today more than ever if you have a college education or not,  if you are a skilled employer or not,  if you have “Hustle” you are a resource in demand.

This word his meaning more and more and is giving more more options to people who possess.  I know a young man that put this to a testament.  .  .  He was going to school and during the time self taught himself web development,  software development and search engine marketing all highly valuable skills.

This self taught entrepreneur then parlayed that from a job at Walmart to a Director of Marketing.  .  .  and consequently quit college and the expense.

So what is the connection to Uber.  .  .  Uber is a simple, a way for someone who wants to make more to earn more.  It is teaching allot of society basic self reliance as a result, in two weeks you can be making more money directly in proportion to how much you are willing to hustle.

Here are some other  side effects:

  • “Jerk” Employers are going the way of the Dodo:    .  .  If you are an employer that generally mistreats your staff, watch out.   There is a unlimited demand for them to supplement their income and they can easily do that while they find a job w/ your competition.
  • Live your Passion Now:  more and more people are picking up stakes and going for their dreams in the city or the part of the world they want to live in and using Uber to fund it.  .  .  Last time I was in Nashville I rode with a budding country music singer and in New Orleans I road with a Chef trying too break into one of the better restaurants.
  • Explosion of Small Businesses:  The 1099 nature of people is allowing more and more people to take advantage of the tax benefits of running your own small business they are doing so while working on other little ventures that can grow to be big.  No doubt the founder of the next Uber is probably moonlighting driving an Uber.
  • Need it Now:  the only real negative thing I can find about the Uber effect and companies like Uber is the sense of now that employees take to companies.  .  Building a business takes time and sometimes the new opportunities to grow for those employees move slower than their expectations.  .  .  But even this is forcing employers to look at their businesses as vehicles of growth for their employees not just a system for profits.

The Uber effect at the businesses like them are powerful testaments that the value creation and innovation that made sure country great is a live and well.

It is also a testament that the employer and employee relationship could use allot of work and needs to if both roles are to grow each other.


Tony Scelzo is the voice of HealthStatus and our blog You Matters. He is the author of Belay Your Day, a daily guide to Hack Life and The Ultimate Tech Start-Up Manual. He is business coach to over 150 businesses, a consultant and entrepreneur that has founded 4 businesses and been on 9 business teams. A self proclaimed self improvement junky, he has read over 500 books on the subject of mental health and personal wellness. Over the 10 years of training and coaching he has become obsessed with the simple ways to “hack” life for the good. Simple short-cuts to live better.

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