In the Matters of You,

There is that little matter about how you feel about all this.  .  .  Whether you feel what is right or not.  Your feelings lie and they hold you back allot of times from getting where you really want to be.

I am working on my golf game and my swing,  I have a been for years addicted to the game.  .  .  At my best I have been a single digit handicap but compared to the effort into the game I should be better than where I am at.

So like anybody frustrated with a skill, I have hired many coaches over the last decade.  .  .  but I have not listened because it didn’t “feel” right so I would leave said instructor not complete the instruction.

Then I got hurt and I couldn’t do what I did before, after 10 years I had to rebuild by swing.  .  .  I had to get uncomfortable with something I loved to do and on many levels have been very good at. I had to try and do things so out my comfort zone that I didn’t want to to do.

So I am now hitting the ball better, making fast progress and I am swinging in an entirely different way.  .  .  But only after deciding that I needed to make a new swing and that my feelings could not be trusted.  I found something beyond where my old place of comfort was.  .  .  and it was a breakthrough.

Your Feelings Lie,  what is good for you and what you need to do for you are two different things.  .  .  Be suspect for your feelings and trust more the result of your actions.

Tony Scelzo

Health Hacker at HealthStatus
Tony Scelzo is the voice of HealthStatus and our blog You Matters.He is the author of Belay Your Day,a daily guide to Hack Life and The Ultimate Tech Start-Up Manual.He is business coach to over 150 businesses,a consultant and entrepreneur that has founded 4 businesses and been on 9 business teams.A self proclaimed self improvement junky, he has read over 500 books on the subject of mental health and personal wellness. Over the 10 years of training and coaching he has become obsessed with the simple ways to “hack” life for the good.Simple short-cuts to live better.

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