Swimmer’s Ear and Hearing Loss

The Complications of Swimmer’s Ear The reason it’s so important to call the doctor when any sign of swimmer’s ear occurs is it causes more serious complications if it’s left untreated. Many of these complications are unlikely to occur to most people, but they’re not uncommon and do occur regularly to many patients. – Temporary […]

How Your Ear Delivers Sound The Incredible, Mechanical Ear

How Hearing Changes People experience hearing loss from many different sources. Some hearing loss is due to natural aging of the ear, while others are preventable or temporary conditions. Learning about common causes of hearing loss can help you know how to best care for your ears at every age. Conductive Loss Blocked ears can […]

iHEAR Introduces Eva™, the First Hearing Aid Designed for Women with Hearing Loss

Innovative gender-specific tuning The Eva hearing aid is personalized at home by the consumer using patented online tools, which deliver male and female speech for the tuning process. Eva can also be shipped pre-customized if audiogram results are submitted with an order, or customized online using EarPiNG™, which connects consumers with licensed hearing professionals for […]

How Hearing Loss Occurs

Here are the various ways in which hearing loss occurs. Infections It is among the number one causes of hearing loss. Luckily, it can be easily treated. Also referred to as Otitis Media, ear infections cause inflammations in the middle ear. In extreme cases, mucus gathers and blocks the Eustachian tube as a result of […]

Good Ear Hygiene

Cause of Itchy Ears Lack of Moisture:   Lacking natural lubrication of your ear’s skin leads to your ears becoming itchy. Excessive cleaning of the ear dries out the natural oils found in your ear, and only replenishing the moisture can fix this issue. Hearing Aids:   Hearing aids can also cause skin irritation in […]

What to Expect If Your Eardrum Ruptures

Additional Testing There are some tests that can be used to positively diagnose an eardrum rupture should you require additional examination. Tympanogram — A medical apparatus is inserted in your ear canal and measures responsiveness of your eardrum to air pressure. Short bursts of air will be blown against the eardrum and the medical professional […]

Can Repetitive Ear Infections Cause Hearing Loss?

Loss of hearing can be a very scary experience, especially if it happens suddenly. Your hearing capacity is most commonly affected by advancing age, injuries or accidents, and stress caused by listening to loud noises. Infections, thankfully are not considered to be the leading cause of permanent hearing loss. But infections in the middle ear […]

Hearing, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids

Which Hearing Aid Should You Choose? The hearing aid that is right for you depends on the type and severity of your hearing loss. If you have issues in both of your ears, then you will probably need a binaural set- a hearing aid in each ear. Binaural hearing is advantageous to perceive sounds in […]

Your Sinuses and How Issues Can Affect Your Hearing

Are There Certain Foods to Eat? Allergies can affect anyone from time to time, but if you have daily sinus pressure it can get in the way of your everyday activities. For people with chronic sinusitis, a symptom flare up can happen anywhere, anytime — especially on days that are high pollen count days or […]