Are Egg White Only Eggs Better?

Are Egg White Only Eggs Better?

Eggs are nature’s protein vehicle and are full of many of the necessary ingredients keeping bodies healthy. Eggs are a quick and easy way to get protein and they are very versatile. From omelets in the morning or at night don’t stay away from eggs to save calories and cholesterol. The yolk contains all the fat but it also contains the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

Yolks versus Whites

It is true that egg yolks are full of cholesterol. Since they are cholesterol rich foods they are also full of important nutrients and in particular the fat soluble vitamins and fatty acids. There are so many wonderful nutrients in an egg yolk, a few eggs a day would give you the same properties as a multivitamin.

Egg white’s claim to fame is their attachment to the companion yolk. They contain few nutrients and eating whites alone is boring. The yummy egg, both yolk and whites, contain 100% of the carotenoids, fatty acids, plus vitamins A, E, D and K. Do note that the white contains none of these.

Yolks have at least 90% of calcium, thiamin, B6 iron, phosphorus, zinc, folate and B12 plus pantothenic acid. The white carries 80% of the sodium, niacin and magnesium you need. There is copper, manganese, selenium and potassium, riboflavin and protein the mighty egg.

According to nutrition monitoring in the United States eating eggs would solve the problems of deficient intake of magnesium, calcium, iron and folates. Eggs would solve the problems of low vitamins A, E, B6 and the mineral copper. This means eating both the yolk and the white. Remember that the yolk contains most of the copper, calcium, iron, folate, and B6 plus 100% of the vitamins A and E.

The egg white has no carotenoids. The yolk contains all the lutein and zeaxanthin important for eye health. Without the carotenoids that accumulate in the back of the eye, you might suffer from macular degeneration and other age related eye problems.

Urban Myths

Egg yolks do not cause heart disease. In fact egg yolks are excellent for your heart. The maligning of the egg yolk is due to its cholesterol content, however, cholesterol does not cause heart disease alone. LDL the carrier of cholesterol in the blood does play a major role in heart disease, but poor metabolism, deficient diets and toxins are much more dangerous.

The University of Connecticut studied the effects of eggs on cholesterol level