Kids And Exercise

When you think of exercising are you just a bit selfish and just consider going to the gym and running through your own exercise programs? Kids today need exercise programs just as much or maybe more than you do. If kids play sports or take dance or gymnastics this is a great start to get them on the road to good health and exercise. Kids who engage in regular exercise will have strong bones and muscles, leaner bodies, avoid being overweight both now and in the future, lower the risks of type 2 diabetes, have a better outlooks on life and keep their blood pressure low as they grow into adulthood.

Kids who exercise and are physically fit also slept better, better able to handle school and its challenges, and will be better prepared emotionally for just everyday living. Want to raise test scores in your kid? Help them be physically active.

There are three basic elements of fitness and these include endurance, strength and flexibility. All these elements need to be a part of children”s exercise programs. Develop endurance when kids exercise in aerobic activities. The heart beats fast and develops stronger muscles. Oxygen going to all the cells of the body is the main benefit of endurance. You might want to join along in aerobic exercises with your kids. These types of exercise and activities include bicycling, ice-skating, soccer, and swimming, tennis, walking and running.

Strength training is not lifting weights at the gym; and children should not be encouraged to lift weight while their muscles and bones are developing. If you do introduce your kids to weight training make sure it is done under the direct tutelage of an experienced personal trainer. Push-ups, pull-ups and stomach crutches will tone and strengthen muscles. These are the best activities for kids to gain strength. Ever seen kids wrestling with one another? Climbing a tree? Doing handstand? They are doing strength training.

Teach your child warm up stretching exercises to help improve flexibility. Flexibility Is needed to allow muscles and joints to bend and move through all ranges of motion. Those who just sit all day and watch TV or play video games will become highly in-flexible and there can be injuries when they do decide to run and jump and play. Cartwheels are great stretching and flexibility exercises, taking gymnastics or dance class gives flexibility ideas and exercise, and a child”s beginning yoga class is perfect for developing flexibility. Whatever form of exercise you plan to take on, keep the encouragement high and be a kid again.


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