Heart Disease

Diet soda

Drinking 2 or more Diet Beverages a Day Linked to High Risk of Stroke, Heart Attack

Mayo Clinic Research Uses Artificial Intelligence to Develop Inexpensive, Widely Available Early Detector of Silent Heart Disease

Understanding Aneurysms

Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to all areas of your body.  If an artery weakens a balloon like bulge can develop.  This bulge is an aneurysm.  You may have an aneurysm and have no symptoms or knowledge of it.  Aneurysms can occur in any arteries but most aneurysms occur in the aorta.  […]

Sixty-Somethings Who Keep Moving May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Older aged adults, particularly in their low to mid 60’s are usually at a point of retirement and a big change in habits and lifestyle. While at a general glance it may be obvious that those in this group of individuals tend to have less complications that lead to heart disease, there is actually much […]

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Tied to Heart Disease Risk Afterward

High blood pressure during pregnancy isn’t just dangerous for both mother and child during pregnancy; it can put the mother at risk for future high blood pressure problems. And it can increase her risk factors for other medical issues, such as diabetes or cholesterol. Issues with blood pressure are not an uncommon medical complication for […]

Tooth Loss in Middle Age Linked to Heart Disease

A study by Dr. Lu Qi of Tulane University in New Orleans has recently been published and it’s findings have concluded that middle aged tooth loss may illustrate an increased risk of heart disease. Dr. Qi presented these findings at the American Heart Association conference in 2018. His study indicated that a loss of one […]

Costs of ‘Informal’ Caregiving for Heart Disease to Reach $128 Billion by 2035

Surviving a serious medical issue, something traumatic or life threatening, is often only the first step. After a heart attack or stroke, even surviving patients can often be left significantly debilitated. And unfortunately, even some who need round the clock care aren’t in a position to receive it from medical professionals. For many of these […]

When Heart Disease Runs in the Family, Exercise Tied to Lower Risk

Despite the best modern medicine can offer, the simplest, easiest, and most effective way to stay healthy is to exercise. Medical research continues to reinforce this finding, but a new study out of the United Kingdom tracked over half a million people and crunched the data in a very large burst of proof. When study […]

The Effect of Animal Protein on the Kidneys

Cardiac problems are still the number one cause of disability or death. Heart disease has stayed at the top of the list even as other medical issues have shuffled around below it. One of those that has bubbled up is kidney disease. Problems with the kidneys can be very serious, but are often overlooked until […]

New Technology May Find Heart Disease in Seemingly Healthy Patients

Researchers are working on perfecting a non invasive way to check for inflamed vessels and narrowing arteries which could also identify those most likely to suffer from cardiac conditions later on in life. The process uses a scale called the CT fat attenuation index (FAI) to help detect inflammation risks. It is done by looking […]