Heart Disease

What Is Pulmonary Hypertension?

Pulmonary hypertension refers to blood pressure in the lungs which is measured by the systemic pressure through your blood system. Pulmonary hypertension or PHT is elevated blood pressure that materializes in the arteries of your lungs. The numbers in pulmonary blood pressures are normally lower than traditional blood pressure and if you experience pulmonary blood […]

Eggs Are Back, But Only One A Day

Eggs go in and out of fashion on a regular basis. Full of cholesterol, they are considered a big no-no for a healthy nutrition and a veritable dietary sin. But, what is life without an occasional egg for breakfast? Scientists say that there is no reason not to enjoy eggs, unless you are diabetic. But, […]

Healthy vegetables

Heart Health Month

Heart Health Month is February and efforts to reduce cardiovascular disease are ongoing in research and funding. Heart attacks and cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in the United States. Census reports that one in every three deaths is from stroke and heart disease. This translates to over 2000 deaths per day.

National Blood Donor Month Is January 2013

January has been declared national Blood Donor Month by the American Red Cross and other organizations. It has been said that every two seconds there is someone in the United States who needs blood. The American Red Cross helps keep that blood flowing requesting and begging for donors. One donor giving one hour of their […]

The DASH Diet – At The Top Of The List

More than 75 percent of Americans are overweight and obese and most of them are on some kind of diet. Even the best New Year resolutions to lose weight and fit into your favorite pair of jeans will not work unless you have a really good plan. According to the U.S. News & World Report, […]

Flu Shots Against Heart Attacks And Stroke

Every year, as the flu season approaches, our doctors and CDC experts recommend early flu vaccination. And millions of Americans ignore them. As a consequence, up to 39,000 people die from flu complications every year. The latest study by the scientists from TIMU Study Group and Network for Innovation in Clinical Research believe that this […]

Yoghurt And High Blood Pressure

Most of us know that having an occasional cup of low fat yoghurt is great for a healthy digestion. Yoghurt has also been proven to help maintaining good body weight and lower body mass index. Scientists are now finding that regular consumption of yoghurt also lowers our risk of high blood pressure. This information has […]

Kids And Exercise

When you think of exercising are you just a bit selfish and just consider going to the gym and running through your own exercise programs? Kids today need exercise programs just as much or maybe more than you do. If kids play sports or take dance or gymnastics this is a great start to get […]

Eat Fish, Not Supplements For Your Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you are sick and tired of hearing about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, you are not the only one. We all know that omega-3 fatty acids play very important role in normal growth, development and the function of the brain. They are also known to protect you from the heart disease. So, if […]

Statins: What Do You Prefer, Diabetes Or Heart Attack?

Statins, such as popular Crestor, are well known drugs for lowering cholesterol. But, it became quite obvious that the drug has side effects, and they are not in the range of “upset stomach” or “nausea”. Some people who were taking statins developed diabetes. So, would you take statins to prevent heart attack caused by your […]