The Effect of Animal Protein on the Kidneys

The Effect of Animal Protein on the Kidneys

Cardiac problems are still the number one cause of disability or death. Heart disease has stayed at the top of the list even as other medical issues have shuffled around below it. One of those that has bubbled up is kidney disease. Problems with the kidneys can be very serious, but are often overlooked until a patient ends up needing a transplant. And, while hoping for one to become available, is required to deal with regular kidney dialysis to stave off the problems that come with kidney failure.

Over twelve percent of Americans have persistent kidney disease, even though most go undiagnosed. Over seventy five percent of all kidney problems are unrecognized, which is a major problem since early prevention and treatment is often the only thing that can avoid dialysis or transplant.

Some health experts feel the increasing dietary reliance on red meat and high levels of sugar is at the heart of the rise in kidney disorders. When sugar is consumed, it has a number of effects upon the body. Including changes in both blood pressure and uric acid; which put added physical stress on the kidneys. So to, animal fats have a direct effect upon kidney function. Over time, this can turn from stress into damage, or worse.

Key Points:

  • 1Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in people. 1 in 8 now have kidney disease. It has increased as a cause of death.
  • 2Sugar, fat saturated trans fat, cholesterol and junk food have negative effects on kidneys.
  • 3Plant based diets help improve kidney function. Animal protein causes inflammation in the renal system.

The consumption of animal fat can actually alter the structure of the kidney, and animal protein can deliver an acid load to the kidneys, increase ammonia production, and damage the sensitive kidney cells.

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