5 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents Live Independently

5 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents Live Independently

When parents get older, they usually plan for retirement so that they won’t be a burden on their kids. On the other hand, the children of aging parents often make their own preparations. Sometimes they will move closer to where their parents live so they can provide a helping hand. They might even buy or renovate their property so that there is always room for their elderly parents to stay. More importantly, though, is being able to ensure that your parents are completely comfortable as they get older. What everything comes down to is assisting your elderly parents to live independent lives.

1. Look into Home Health Aides and Private Nursing

As people get older, their health can start to diminish. Some health issues can be completely related to genetics and have nothing to do with living a healthy lifestyle. In short, it is natural for your elderly parents to require more assistance and medical intervention. However, needing a little help getting dressed in the morning or stepping into the shower doesn’t require elderly people to give up their independence. So, set your parents up with private nursing services or simply look into getting them a home health aide. Having someone to come in and assist your parent with cooking, cleaning, and general duties around the house will make them feel much better about themselves.  

2. Insist Upon a Medical Alert System

Regardless of whether you make room for your aging parents to live in your home or if they live in a secluded cabin 1,000 miles away, there should always be a way for them to contact emergency services. Cell phones are great for calling ambulances, getting help from a doctor, or calling the fire department, but elderly people are very likely to have episodes when they can’t even operate a phone. A good quality medical alert system requires only the touch of a button. Emergency services can be summoned as soon as the operator assesses the situation. In many instances, the proper use of a medical alert system is much more effective than calling 911.

3. Choosing a Home Your Elderly Parents Can Move About Freely

You can choose to move your elderly parents into a retirement community, a retirement home, make room for them at your home, or just make some changes to where they are already living. Single level ranches, apartments, condos, and cottages are great for the elderly as they only take up one floor. Aging people generally like to avoid going up and downstairs as it can be hard on their joints, or even lead to an accidental slip and fall. If your parents do live in a home where there are stairs, you can have railings or ramps installed that will help them with safety. Also consider modifying the bathroom area so that your parents can ea