Cooling Vest: The Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest

Cooling Vest: The Cold Shoulder Calorie Burning Vest

The first thing I always hear when I say I’m touting a cooling vest is, “I don’t like being cold.” But think of all the other crazy things people do in order to try to lose excess fat. Starving themselves? Exhausting themselves in the gym? Ingesting questionable supplements that, if they work at all, have side effects like insomnia or over‐stimulation? How about wearing a corset just to appear thinner? Drug injections? Liposuction? Freezing fat cells? Gastro‐intestinal surgery? Considering these options, wearing a calorie-burning cooling vest is pretty tame in comparison. The Cold Shoulder Vest has no known side effects. 

Although exercise is definitely good, most people think that exercise is the only way to burn excess calories.  But it’s not.  Basically, if you extract heat from your body, even if you’re sitting on your couch in front of the T.V., your body will need to burn calories to stay warm. This is a scientific fact. The trick is to figure out how to harness mild cold exposure without being uncomfortable.  Olympic swimmers burn many more calories per day than other Olympic athletes, and it has nothing to do with the exercise. It’s the water. They spend their day in water that’s 20 degrees (F) below their body temperature, and this temperature difference makes them burn way more calories than the exercise alone.

The revolutionary cooling vests must be used appropriately for you to experience the best results. You need to use it only when you are at a comfortable temperature. Examples of these scenarios are sitting in your car, watching a football game, driving, working in the office or resting in a room or in an outdoor area when not exercising.

You keep the cooling vest in the freezer when you are not using it. It takes less than a minute to get it from the freezer and on your body. After that, you can go about your daily tasks as if the vest does not exist. Wear it as long as you feel comfortable or until the ice melts away. Remove the cold vest and return it into the freezer.

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When you wear it twice a day, you burn more calories than you would burn working out in the gym. It won’t improve your fitness like a trip to the gym will, but anything that can help us boost the metabolism without chemicals is a blessing.

  • BURNS CALORIES WITHOUT EXERCISE. This cooling vest burns up to 500 calories a day. Designed by a NASA scientist and based on decades of research demonstrating that mild, comfortable exposure to cold burns calories. For example, Olympic swimmers burn many more calories per day than other Olympic athletes, because they spend their day in water that’s 20 degrees (F) below their body temperature. This temperature difference extracts more calories from their body than the exercise alone.SAVES TIME. Burn the same calories at your desk as you would on the treadmill, without the hassle of traveling, parking, changing, and showering at the gym.
  • IT’S EFFECTIVE. CryoMAX “Points of Cold” Technology is the most advanced cold therapy available today, a patented, science based system that utilizes non toxic, non latex materials and works for up to 8 hours at doctor recommended therapeutic temperatures. This technology is EXCLUSIVE to COLD SHOULDER CALORIE BURNING VESTS to assist you burn more calories.
  • IT’S COMFORTABLE. After trying it a few times, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. The very first time you put the cooling vest  on, it may feel a bit uncomfortable. But like a new pair of shoes, you’ll soon get used to it, and after wearing it a few times you’ll soon forget it’s even there, and you’ll get on with your day without a second thought.
  • IT GETS MORE EFFECTIVE THE MORE YOU USE IT. Your body gets more used to the idea of turning on your internal furnace to burn calories. Unlike conventional cold packs used in other vest’s that act by freezing underlying tissue and blood vessels, CryoMAX “Points of Cold” Technology absorbs body heat without interfering with the body’s natural processes.

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Cooling Vest Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Since The Cold Shoulder cooling vest only has cooling packs in the back and shoulders, won’t it only burn fat in those regions?

A: No. It is impossible to spot-reduce fat. When your body needs calories for anything – be it exercise or to generate heat – then it will use your bloodstream to move the energy from where it’s stored – your fat tissue – to where it’s needed, in a matter of seconds. So even though the cooling effect of The Cold Shoulder is concentrated in your shoulders and back, the fat is being extracted from your fat stores all over your body, including your abs and thighs.

Q: Wait. I can’t spot reduce fat? Won’t my ab crunches and sit-ups improve my abs?

A: See above. You can’t spot reduce fat. Doing ab crunches and sit-ups will tone your ab muscles, but you won’t be able to see those ab muscles until you burn the layer of fat that’s covering them. Wearing The Cold Shoulder for an hour at bedtime while watching T.V. will burn more calories than doing sit-ups until you collapse in pain.

Q: Is it uncomfortable to wear?

A: The very first time you put it on, it may feel a bit uncomfortable. But like a new pair of shoes, you’ll soon get used to it, and after wearing the cooling vest a few times you’ll soon forget it’s even there, and you’ll get on with your day without a second thought.

Q: Can’t I just turn down the thermostat to get the same effect?

A: Yes. You’d need to turn the thermostat below 65F (about 18C). However, I wouldn’t recommend it for several reasons.
1) You need to wear shorts and a T-shirt at that temperature to actually benefit, and that’s really uncomfortable.
2) Everybody else who lives or works in the same space may not agree with your crazy idea of turning down the thermostat to such a low temperature.
3) You need to keep your extremities warm. So imagine the funny looks you’ll get from your roommates and co-workers when they see you wearing shorts and a T-shirt, plus a hat, gloves, and thick wool socks. (Wearing a vest automatically keeps your extremities warm because your extremities are not exposed to the cold.)
4) Your home AC unit may not even be able to cool your home below 65F on a hot day.


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