Lifehacks That Make Being A Working Mom A Little Bit Easier

Lifehacks That Make Being A Working Mom A Little Bit Easier

If you are a working mom this article should be very helpful to you to show you simple but very useful lifehacks that can come in handy when you need them the most.

The first tip to have and notice here is that you should keep a family calendar it will make life much easier on you to keep track of what’s going on daily for each individual person. A woman named Tania suggested a free app called Cozi Family Organizer which would allow you to coordinate schedules and activities across devices, track grocery lists, plan meals and manage shared to do lists and can be synced across all devices for the family.

Another thing suggested is to give your kids chores to do and pay them for the chores they have completed. It helps them learn the value of money but also will help you with getting things done around the house so for both sides it’s very beneficial from that perspective.

A very important note as well is for you to prep meals in advance and find ways to save without extreme couponing.

Hiring a very responsible teenager or someone who has free time is also a good has they can pick the kids up or do other things that will help you along the way being a working mom.

Key Points:

  • 1Encourage your children to preform chores by setting a small payment or reward they’ll receive afterwards.
  • 2Do cooking ahead of time and store it in the fridge, so that when mealtime comes you’re not reaching for the delivery menu.
  • 3Every morning, load the washer and set it to run so there’s clean clothes when you return that evening.

Air traffic control of activities and schedules is essential. We all keep a central family calendar somewhere – and we are the ones who keep track daily of what’s in it.

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