Medicine Cabinet Staples You Didn’t Know You Needed

Being prepared is the best way to avoid being in a mishap and not having what you need. As a parent, you have to prepare for every booboo and ouchie your little one can encounter. Even if you don’t have kids, things will happen and whether it be a cooking burn, late-night heartburn, or even unexpected chin hair being prepared is the best way to get you feeling like yourself and back to normal. Here are the top medicine cabinet staples that may be unexpected, but you will be glad you have!



Accidents are going to happen so having band-aids on the ready, just makes life easier. Why not go for natural bandages? Take care of the ouchies and feel good and lower your carbon footprint? Sounds like a win-win! Natural bandages are responsibly sourced and are recyclable. Most natural bandages are made from bamboo fibers and hypoallergenic. Aside from being great for the environment, because they do not have any dyes or harsh adhesive glue they are great for sensitive skin! Bandages are known to be painful to remove, leave unpleasant adhesive residue, and potentially irritated skin. Natural bandages are less abrasive because they do not use harsh chemicals.  


Hair Removal  

Something unexpected that you need in your medicine cabinet is a laser hair removal tool. Razor burn is no fun and constantly replacing razors is inconvenient and inefficient over time. The KENZZI hair removal handset allows for easy hair removal in only a few sessions all at the comfort of your own home! You will see results in 3 to 4 weeks. The handset has different settings given specific skin sensitivity, treatment area, and skin tone. It’s also guaranteed to last for 10+ years! This medicine cabinet staple will be reliable and long-lasting!



Fevers are going to happen so whether you have kids or not, there will come a time when someone in the house is feeling under the weather. Being able to take their temperature at home will help decide the next course of action. If they can be treated at home or if a doctor’s visit is necessary. Shoot for a digital thermometer. They provide more accurate, generally cheaper, and easier-to-read results compared to a traditional thermometer.  



Taco Tuesday is not always kind so having antacids are ready will help stave off any late-night heartburn. If you suffer from constant heartburn, you may want to tell your doctor, but for occasional bouts of heartburn keep antacids handy. Look for antacids with calcium carbonate or magnesium. These ingredients act as a base to settle your acidic tummy. Keep them handy, you never know when taco night will turn on you!  


Floss Pick

Only 37 percent of Americans claim to floss daily and 30 percent of Americans admit they never floss. Flossing is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth and overall health. Flossing removes plaque between teeth and gums to prevent cavities and gum disease. Quip has tools and sets to have flossing become a valuable part of your morning routine. The refillable floss pick and refillable floss dispenser make flossing easy without the hassles of having to wrap the floss tightly around your fingers. The kits also come with a smart toothbrush that can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It gives sensitive vibrations and a timer to help you know just how long to brush. This is also great for kids learning to brush on their own as well! Having a floss pick in your medicine cabinet will help keep you and your family smiling with a healthier and happier mouth!


Heat and Ice Packs

Ice packs are a medicine cabinet staple because they are handy for any different injuries. Ice packs reduce swelling in injuries like sprained ankles, limit bruising by reducing blood into the treated tissue, reduce muscle spasms, and numb areas like bee stings. Look for instant ice compresses that snap to activate. Also, be sure to never close the ice compress directly on the skin. Be sure to wrap it in a towel and then apply it to the injured area.  

Heat packs are another compress that is good to have on hand. Heat compresses treat joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and arthritis. As opposed to ice compresses, heat compresses work to bring blood to the treated area. Look for instant packs or packs that can be heated in the microwave. Also if you suffer from chronic muscle or joint pain, electric heating pads may be the best fit.  



Sunscreen is an underrated medicine cabinet staple. Sunscreen should be used daily to help protect your skin. Even if you do not plan for an outdoor outing, sunscreen should become a part of your daily regimen. There is still the potential of getting dangerous sun exposure through windows and doors. Too much sun exposure can lead to premature aging, skin discoloration, and skin cancer.  

There are two types of sunscreen on the market today: chemical sunscreen and mineral. Chemical sunscreen’s ingredients are carbon-based and are absorbed into the skin to protect the outer layers of the skin from UV rays. The chemical in the sunscreen then converts the UV rays into heat and releases it out of the skin. Mineral sunscreen’s ingredients create a protective barrier on top of the skin and reflect the sun’s UV rays away from the skin. Whoever types of sunscreen you choose be sure to look for a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. This will protect against the majority of the sun’s UV rays.  


Aloe Vera

Speaking of sun exposure, Aloe Vera is another great remedy to keep on hand. Made from the gel-like substance within the Aloe plant, this wonder gel is a natural cure-all for many ailments. Aloe vera is great for sunburns because it cools, moisturizes, and soothes the skin. It’s also used for acne, digestive issues, and even mouthwash. There are many species of Aloe Vera Plant so look for products with Barbados Aloe.  



Tweezers aren’t just beauty tools. They can be incredibly helpful for injuries as well. For splinters, broken glass, or even tick bites, tweezers help remove the object to avoid further pain and potential infections. Baking soda can also help remove splitters along with tweezers. The compound works to push the splinter out of the skin. Point tip tweezers are best when removing splinters.  


Essential Oils

Essential oils are another great medicine cabinet staple. Lavender is great to have on hand for nights when you can’t fall asleep. You can dilute a couple of drops and place them behind your ears to help you fall asleep faster. Chamomile is great to have for colds, fevers or a sore throat. This can be applied to your skin, warm bath water, or lotion. Be sure to only use a couple of drops. Clove is good to have for pain relief. This can be applied topically or in a diffuser. Feeling stressed? Frankincense can be applied to reduce stress and elevate your mood. Essential oils are great to have as natural home remedies.  


No matter the minor injuries or ailments that happen at home you’ll be prepared with the medicine cabinet staples!



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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our health risk assessment, body fat and calories burned calculators. The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.

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