Which One Should Be Beneficial For Health: Salt Lamp or Plants?

Plants vs. Salt Lamps

Importance of Salt Lamps


More than just decorative items, they  are the real sources of immediate well-being. These lamps are a great tool to improve aesthetics of contemporary designs. They give off a pleasant and soft light whose orange tint is soothing enough to maintain a pleasant mood.


Positive Effects of Salt Lamps in Homes and Workplaces

These may help to improve physical as well as mental conditions i.e., purifying the air, reducing stress, improving sleep and increasing energy, etc.

  • Helpful in Relaxation Treatments

 Salt lamps  can be used in relaxation treatments due to their warm-colored light which these lamps omit, and may include shades such as yellow, orange, and red that is highly recommended to foster an adequate atmosphere for relaxation or meditation.

  • Purify the Air

They can remove dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, and other air pollutants; as a result, these lamps purify the air.

  • Reduce Stress

Our environment is filled with electronic objects that originate from all kinds such as Microwave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These waves, even with a miniscule energy, are harmful to us, especially to our brain nerves. These lamps  can help and bring relief to the most stressed situations by absorbing those dangerous radiations or waves.

  • Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

A salt lamp is so good for the respiratory tract that it has been a proven source of air purifier and a remedy for inhalers having some asthma or allergy.

  • Increase energy  

The presence of negative ions in a room increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, so the person has more mental energy.

  • Help to Sleep Better

Salt Lamps  help to reduce irregular sleep patterns. It is convenient to have one in the bedroom for a proper sleep at night.


Importance of Plants


The quality of indoor air, especially where you sleep and where you work, is crucial for health. Fresh and purified air containing oxygen is necessary to live. Plants fulfill this requirement by providing not only fresh oxygen but also kill life threatening bacteria from nearby surroundings.


Positive Effects of the Plants in Homes and Workplaces

Plants offer many benefits in your workplace and homes. They also have several properties that improve the physical well-being of human beings.

  • Purify the Air

Air quality is often poor, especially in the modern era. We can notice some layers of dust on computers, photocopiers or cleaning products after a few days. These layers’ flutter in large numbers and may be harmful. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors breathing stale and possibly toxic air. Plants help to purify the air.

  • More productive at work

Plants increase employee efficiency and productivity by providing mental fitness and a peaceful environment.

  • Reduce Stress

Plants allow us to perceive our environment better. You feel more comfortable due to mental fitness and this, in turn, reduces stress.

  • Recharge your Batteries with green plants

Sometimes, you need to recharge your batteries but wirelessly.

Plants allow you to experience a real energizing rest because the greenery gives you oxygen and, therefore, new energy. It provides a feel of doing yoga at work.

  • They help you breathe better

Plants provide moisture to the environment that reduces the dryness level and dust particles in the environment around your house. Plants help to avoid respiratory problems such as cough.

  • Reduce noise

Plants drown out sounds, especially in closed places with hard floors. The acoustic alteration is perceived more when the frequency of the sound is very high.


Common Features Constituted by These Lamps and Plants

  • Purifying Air
  • Help to sleep better
  • Reducing the stress
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Both are beneficial for health
  • Improve the moods better and keep happy throughout the day


Unique Features of Salt Lamps  

  • Salt lamp help to reduce Asthma & Allergy
  • Having different light colors which provide the feeling of warmth and soothing.
  • Helpful in the relaxation treatments
  • People suffering from anxiety, stress, sleep disorders; mood disorders or even depression (or seasonal depression) will be relaxed and revitalized by the use of salt lamps.


Unique Features of Plants

  • Indoor plants can reduce the incidence of colds by 30%.
  • Plants improve productivity: being productive is good for the mind and body, and plants can boost mental performance, memory, and alertness.
  • Reduce the noise


Which one is a better air purifier?

Your well-being depends mostly on the quality of the air you breathe. It is merely using the salt lamp, a domestic appliance whose benefits as air-purifying elements have been discovered and popularized in recent times. It’s not only purifies air by absorbing moisture containing bacteria, but also provides excessive negative ions to give clean oxygen to inhale.    


Which one is easy to maintain?

Wipe the salt lamps with a damp towel or a cloth (not soaked) to remove the dust. Once cleaned, dry it with paper. Switch on the lamp every day for the best cleaning results. On the other hand, plants need daily care and are comparatively more difficult to maintain.


Which one is more effective?

Salt Lamps are more effective than plants because of many reasons.

  • The soothing effect of lamps will be felt most in an intimate room. It may be in the bedroom or in the living room, near the television or computer screen.
  • Nature is full of riches with unexpected virtues. A simple lamp can soothe you, help you sleep better, be more dynamic or even breathe better. In short, it has everlasting positive effects on your physical as well as mental health and maintain fitness.

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