Which One Should Be Beneficial For Health: Salt Lamp or Plants?

Which One Should Be Beneficial For Health: Salt Lamp or Plants?

Plants vs. Salt Lamps

Importance of Salt Lamps


More than just decorative items, they are the real sources of immediate well-being. These lamps are a great tool to improve aesthetics of contemporary designs. They give off a pleasant and soft light whose orange tint is soothing enough to maintain a pleasant mood.


Positive Effects of Salt Lamps in Homes and Workplaces

These may help to improve physical as well as mental conditions i.e., purifying the air, reducing stress, improving sleep and increasing energy, etc.

  • Helpful in Relaxation Treatments

 Salt lamps can be used in relaxation treatments due to their warm-colored light which these lamps omit, and may include shades such as yellow, orange, and red that is highly recommended to foster an adequate atmosphere for relaxation or meditation.

  • Purify the Air

They can remove dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, and other air pollutants; as a result, these lamps purify the air.

  • Reduce Stress

Our environment is filled with electronic objects that originate from all kinds such as Microwave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These waves, even with a miniscule energy, are harmful to us, especially to our brain nerves. These lamps can help and bring relief to the most stressed situations by absorbing those dangerous radiations or waves.

  • Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

A salt lamp is so good for the respiratory tract that it has been a proven source of air purifier and a remedy for inhalers having some asthma or allergy.

  • Increase energy 

The presence of negative ions in a room increases the flow of oxygen to the br