Window Treatments To Lower Heat In Your Home

During summers, the temperatures are extremely high, which can negatively impact a house’s internal environment. As internal temperatures rise, it is important to resort to methods of regulating the amount of heat. The best way to minimize heat entry from the harsh external environment is by using the following ways:

Heat Blocking Window Shades

Heat blocking window shades are the easiest and most common window treatments to lower heat in your home’s internal environment in hot summers. To be effective, you need to install them by mounting the shades in close contact with the glass and the adjacent wall. Such an installation creates a sturdy seal which minimizes heat gain.

You can also install shades with dual layers of a certain fabric to regulate heat entry into a room. The light layer of the outer material should have light color to reflect away heat in hot summers.

Exterior Window Shades

The exterior window blinds are more effective in the reduction of heat penetration than the internal shutters. The external blinds will block out any heat before it is transmitted to the window and the entire room. The exterior window shades need to be customized depending on the size and design of your window.

Natural Shades

There are eco-friendly and natural designs for your window and are available in different rich hues and textures that prevent heat penetration.   The natural shades have a variety of liners to allow insulation and heat blocking.

Some common natural shades include the bamboo shades with numerous color designs that can match with your interior design. The shades also have insulation properties and will prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. In the installation process, you need to ensure the shades are near the window to form a perfect seal.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are a good option for blocking light and heat. The shades are adequate for windows that are directly exposed to the sun. They also block any harmful UV rays from penetrating the room. The shades are also advantageous to protect your furniture from fading due to excess light.

With the solar shades, you can enjoy your window’s external view while regulating heat entry during harsh summers.

Blackout Fabrics

Blackout linings and fabrics allow for 100% of heat and light blockage. The materials are thick for proper insulation, and external heat will not penetrate your home. The blackout fabrics are useful in winters as the insulation properties will prevent the internal temperature from escaping.

Reflective Fabrics and Liners

Reflective fibers and liners will reduce heat gain in hot summers. The fabrics will reflect any sun rays that try penetrating through your window. The best reflective fabrics are those with bright colors and light material. On the other hand, if you choose fabrics and liners with dark colors and heavy materials, they will absorb and store heat, thus significantly increasing your home’s internal temperatures. Such options are only suitable during cold winters where heat saving is a crucial aspect.

Window Quilts

Window quilts have an operable material that can be rolled and unrolled. The material that makes the window quilts has insulative properties and helps to seal all the parts of the windows perfectly. The seal helps to prevent any penetration of air or sun rays. They are also useful in preventing external noise from reaching the home.


Curtains are inserted in the window’s interior, and their ability to insulate heat depends on color and fabric. In hot summer days, you should close the curtains near the windows to prevent the intensity of light penetrating the interior of your room.

The best curtains that can prevent heat in your home should have double layers, blackout technology, and a piece of woven fabric. Quality material that has insulation properties prevents heat entry into the house. They should also have reflective materials that reflect away the sun rays and blocks any radiation rays penetrating the window.

Window Films

A window film is an extremely thin film installed on the exterior or interior of a window. It contains a self-adhesive polyester. The type of material in the films helps in the blocking of the harmful UV rays. The window films are very efficient in blocking heat and light rays from penetrating your home’s interior.

Most homeowners prefer the films as they allow them to enjoy a good view of the external environment without suffering the effects of the scorching sun rays in hot summers.


Lastly, window treatments are significant aspects that regulate the amount of heat in a room. The treatment you select should have good insulation properties, reflect away heat, and allow minimal heat entry. Incorporating one of the above window treatments will help you regulate the amount of heat, especially in extremely hot summers. However, in the installation process, you need a window treatment method that perfectly suits your window design.




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