Tips For Successful Weight Loss

There are literally hundreds of weight loss programs to choose from.   At the bookstores, the weight loss section with blow your mind.   Some of these programs are very involved, but there are simple ways that we can lose weight as well.   If you’re considering embarking on a weight loss program, take a look at the tips below for small things you can do that can add up to successful weight loss, not to mention a healthier lifestyle.

Get off to a good start                                                                    

  • Beginning a serious weight loss regimen is a good time to get a thorough physical
  • Don’t fall for fad diets or quick ways to lose weight
  • Consult your doctor for help in choosing a weight loss strategy and exercise program
  • Clear out the refrigerator and cupboards of tempting high fat and high sugar foods
  • Invest in a good pair of exercise shoes

Make realistic goals for yourself

  • Determine a healthy weight for someone of your gender, age, and body type
  • Make small, doable goals for yourself
  • Be patient, true weight loss takes time
  • Don’t make your goals all about weight, include exercise and other new healthy habits
  • Keep setting new goals as you progress
  • Reward yourself when you reach a goal

Create a safe eating environment and a new mental environment

  • Begin by changing how you eat, not what you eat
  • The mind-set and the setting often determine how much you eat
  • The safer the environment and the better the food, the higher the satisfaction from eating
  • Don’t eat on the run; slow down and take time to enjoy what you’re eating

Change your schedule to make time for exercise

  • Make regular exercise a priority
  • Make an exercise appointment with yourself and mark it on your calendar
  • Night owls can become early birds
  • Be awake during the time when fewer calories are consumed
  • Late night television usually means late night calories


  • Work slowly at first, particularly if you’re coming out of a sedentary lifestyle
  • Work up to several times a week for 30 minutes each day
  • Walking is the easiest way to burn calories
  • Early exercise starts the metabolism burning calories earlier
  • Be creative when finding time to fit in time for exercise
  • Vary the type of exercise to prevent boredom from setting in
  • Make exercise social by exercising with a friend
  • Work exercise into your lifestyle
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator; park at the far end of the lot and walk to the store
  • Be open to new ways to exercise, such as dancing, bicycling, or swimming
  • Don’t forget about music; movement is easier when you have a beat urging you forward

Think like a winner

  • Stop the flow of negative thoughts
  • Don’t dwell on past “failures”
  • Attitudes have power to help or to hurt
  • Brains are reprogrammable computers
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t meet your expectations

Change the feelings behind the feedings

  • Start treating yourself kindly in your head
  • Unhealed wounds are often medicated with food
  • Emotional trauma is never overcome quickly
  • Consider seeing a therapist to work on unresolved wounds

Replace high-fat foods with foods that are lower in fat

  • Finding low-fat, highly satisfying foods is a treasure hunt
  • Old dogs can learn new habits
  • You really can fool yourself about fat
  • Try low fat foods you’ve never tried before
  • When eating out, choose the lower fat options on the menu

Lower your intake of foods that are high in sugar

  • Too much fat is a problem, but too much sugar turns to fat
  • Eliminating excess sugar eliminates emotional roller coasters
  • There is an emotional pattern to eating that can be changed
  • Try making new healthy recipes

Eat more meals a day while taking in the same number of calories

  • Don’t skip meals, particularly breakfast
  • Try to include low fat protein in your meals
  • Plan your meals and shop accordingly
  • The hunger monster gets bigger the longer it goes without food
  • Hunger monsters can be changed
  • Fast food usually means fat food
  • Be careful when eating out where portions are large and calories are off the charts
  • When eating out request a take-out container when the food is delivered and put away a portion to take home

Work on relationships with things (and people) other than food

  • Turn hurtful relationships into helpful ones
  • Spend time with the Lord and feel His gentleness
  • Resolve your past or replicate it
  • Share your struggle with a close friend and ask for help

Find a person or a group to hold you accountable for making healthy decisions

  • You can break the detachment mode
  • Accountability produces pain you need
  • Encouragement and confrontation are the keys to accountability
  • Find a support group to connect with people going through the same struggle


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Tyler Meredith
3. August 2017
Tyler Meredith
3. August 2017
I like that you recommend finding a person to hold you accountable for your weight. It makes sense that motivating oneself to lose weight can be one of the biggest struggles that people have to overcome. Having a doctor or personal trainer to help guide you and hold you accountable for the weight problems could be a very helpful way to stay motivated and be happier in the long run.


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