Hypnosis and meditation are similar and they both have a dubious image. Medically proven both techniques are valuable for reaching deep relaxation.

Self-hypnosis is used as a stress management tool and only involves you and no counselor or professional hypnotist. Using the same relaxation techniques as meditation, self-hypnosis allows you to ease your body, let stress hormones lessen, and distract your mind from chattering and chaotic thoughts. The relaxation that comes with self-hypnosis can be very intense. Use affirmations with self-hypnosis to allow positive thoughts into your mind.

The first step in self-hypnosis is to use affirmations as a part of your session. Prepare the affirmations you want to use in advance. Affirmations involve a word or phrase repeated over and over in your mind as a means of reprogramming the subconscious. Affirmations are most powerful when you are highly focused and concentrate.

Find a very private and comfortable place and sit down. Relax your entire body. Close your eyes and image waves of relaxation. Use your affirmations. Let relaxation waves work in time with breathing. Start at the top of your head then work down to your toes. Go slowly and feel each wave. Tell yourself that you are comfortable, sleepy, and heavy. When you are completely relaxed, use your affirmation words or phrases mixed in with your relaxation phrases.

Once you are in self-hypnosis your session can last up to 25 minutes. If you want to go longer, that is great. As long as you are relaxed and stress free, keep going.

If you find it easier, you can listen to hypnosis MP3s. The benefit of this type of self-hypnosis is concentrating and listening to sounds and words. This will relax you when you cannot hypnotize yourself. Find these types of CDs at your local book or music store.

Use self-hypnosis for more than just relieving stress. It has been proven to be quite effective to help you forget phobias, quite smoking or stop drinking. Rid yourself of bad habits, lose weight, and change what you think about yourself. Self-hypnosis when