Strategies to Mastering Motivation

Strategies to Mastering Motivation

Motivation is a psychological concept. There is no single accepted definition but sociologists assign the properties of intent, effort, and tenacity in describing motivation. Motivation is the feeling or feelings that push you toward a particular goal or objective. Be motivated and push yourself to an action. If your needs are unsatisfied, the push to satisfy those needs is motivation. There are almost as many definitions and descriptions of motivation as there are exercises that are supposed to motivate weight loss and control.

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Studies on motivation have been done for over five decades, and these studies prove that motivation is high at the beginning of a project, falls off in the middle, and increases again toward the conclusion. The steps in motivation are different depending on how close you are to reaching your goal. If your efforts are yielding great progress, it is easy to keep up motivation. When you feel like nothing you do increases your efforts, you tend to let motivation wane. How do you measure and master motivation? Is it dependent on how much you have accomplished or how far you have to go in reaching a goal?

Now the goal is to actual master all stages of motivation. Using motivating strategies we can lose weight faster, motivate our work mates and learn to work more effectively. Ideas for keeping up motivation might be offering rewards for milestones when exercising or running a marathon.  As a very simple example, when in the middle of running a marathon, look back at where you were. You may be amazed at how far you have run. This is a reward. Do this periodically and it might just give you a better perceptive plus motivation to keep going.

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Strategies for Mastering Motivation