Tips To Improving Concentration

Tips To Improving Concentration

There are those who have learned how to work though chaos and interruptions and those who cannot deal with noise and distractions when working.  Learning to concentrate when it almost seems impossible can give you a higher work and stamina range. The most important key to concentration is focus.


Five More Times:

  • If you can work through chaos and distractions without missing a beat; you are well on your way to mastering concentration. If you are frustrated and want to give up, teach yourself the number or five more times rule. Concentrate. Tell yourself, I will quit when I have finished five more pages, written five more articles, or have to pick up for five more minutes. Build stamina by pushing past the point of frustration. Find your second wind. Just do not give up even when it seems impossible. Stretch your attention and keep working. Expand your brain and build that attention span.

One “Think” at a Time

  • Feeling like you are overwhelmed? There is mind chatter that is interfering with everything you think about? Force your mind to deal with those items it cannot refuse. In other words, tell you brain that “yes” it can do a task, “stop” worrying about lesser priorities, and give our mind a “duty” to perform that will move your thinking back to the immediate problem. One very good tactic in learning to concentrate is to write things down. Have you found that when you write things down you no longer worry about them? The “paper” is now the worry medium. Your brain can now focus on the current question or problem.

Conquer Procrastination

  • If you do not want to concentrate on a subject or you put off a project ask three question