Using Visualization for Weight Loss:“Seeing” the New YOU!

Using Visualization for Weight Loss:“Seeing” the New YOU!

One of the bigger challenges in losing weight is getting your mind aligned with your goals. More often, your mind is aligned with what you DON”T want – bad habits, laziness, avoiding exercise, and self-destructive actions of all kinds.

Losing weight is hard under those conditions – if not completely impossible. You’re constantly fighting an inner battle every time you need to make a decision about eating or exercise.

You have a strong desire to take the best actions to lose weight and achieve your goals, but . . . you also don’t want to take those actions because they require a lot more effort than taking the easy way and sticking with your old habits.

One of the most effective techniques for bridging the gap between mind and body is visualization.

Visualization can help you lose weight in two basic ways:

First, it can help you to overcome those inner barriers we just covered.

If you do it right, changing your habits will seem almost effortless. You’ll reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage and find it much easier to adopt healthy habits and stay with them for good.

Second, visualization can be incredibly motivating.

One of the major reasons why people give up on their healthy diet and exercise plan is because they just get bored with it. They get tired of eating the same old foods day after day, they get tired of doing the same workouts day after day, and they just lose interest.

Visualization is a great antidote for low motivation.