10 Foods That Can Whiten & Brighten Your Smile

As you may know, there are certain drinks that can stain your teeth. If you suffer from yellow-stained teeth, red wine, coffee, or tea may be the culprit. There are also certain foods that stain your teeth. These foods are typically dark- or bright-colored (curry), acidic (tomato sauce), or sugary (lollipops). If you’re looking for ways to whiten your smile, you should try and avoid the properties listed.  

However, while there are foods and drinks that stain teeth, there are also foods that can help whiten them! These foods are typically crunchy (almonds), filled with fiber and calcium (milk and cauliflower), and rich in vitamin-C (pineapple).  

Your diet has the ability to affect the color of your teeth dramatically. If you’re looking for ways to modify your diet to include these smile-brightening foods, check out Auraglow’s infographic below!  


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