15 Podcasts to Listen to For Better Sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night?   If so, you’re not alone. According to Consumer Reports, 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. Whether you’re having trouble hitting “pause” on your busy thoughts to rest or you just can’t seem to settle into a comfortable position, falling asleep (and staying asleep throughout the night) can be incredibly difficult.  

It is recommended to get a good night’s rest to only maintain your health, but also to support important functions such as productivity, memory, mental health, and even weight loss. Yet in many countries, up to 37 percent of people suffer from a lack of sleep, getting less than the recommended eight hours.  

So how can you get better sleep? In addition to expert-approved tips like staying hydrated, sleeping with weighted blankets, and avoiding exercise right before bedtime, experts often suggest establishing a consistent bedtime routine to help soothe your mind and prepare your body for sleep.  

One calming activity to add your routine is listening to a sleep podcast. With their easy and accessible format, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in the health space. Sleep podcasts make use of sounds and content proven to help us catch some Zzs. Some of these techniques include:


  • Classical music: studies show that classical music can be a remedy for those who feel restless at night with their steady rhythm and lower pitches
  • Human voices: scientists say that soft voices in bedtime stories and narration can trigger that autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) sensation, helping us relax and doze off.  
  • Guided meditation: studies show that mindfully meditation and focusing on breathing can break up your busy thoughts and help you focus on sleeping
  • Pink noise: sounds like steady rainfall and beach waves has been proven to help people fall asleep faster


While you may think that absolute peace and quiet are needed before bed, these studies show that sound can actually aid you in getting some shuteye. According to science, our brains are still processing sounds even when we’re in deep sleep — listening to the right content before bed can help relax our brains and put then in slumber mode.

 Ready to get better sleep and strive toward better health? Check out these sleep podcasts compiled by Casper.  


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