25 Foods That Help You Sleep

When it comes to sleep, food is essential. With busy schedules piling up our days, it’s becoming harder to cool down our minds for a good night’s rest when it’s time to hit the hay.

During the time when we start to unwind, it’s only natural to get a little hungry. Millions of people debate every night on whether or not they should head to the cupboard to grab a midnight snack. We’re here to say, go for it — with some restrictions.

From pistachios to chocolate, research has shown that having a midnight snack isn’t as taboo as once thought. In fact, some foods and drinks, like herbal teas, actually destress the mind and make getting shut eye a little easier.

Some foods in particular that can replace counting sheep include:

  • Figs: for their ability to help blood flow and regulate muscle contractions
  • Sweet Potato: for their ability to lower blood pressure
  • Hummus: for its ability to help produce melatonin and serotonin

That being said, you shouldn’t reach for everything in the cabinet. Some foods will impair your ability to sleep. These include:

  • Spicy Food: which can cause heartburn when lying down
  • French Fries: which have high sodium and can wake you up feeling parched
  • Alcohol: contrary to common belief, while a drink makes you drowsy, alcohol can lead to more awakenings and cause less time in deep sleep.

For a full list, check out this infographic by Casper.com that shines a spotlight on 25 foods that help you sleep.


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