9 Ways Pets Help Raise Good, Healthy Kids

As a parent, we all want to raise happy and healthy kids. And at some point in their lives, the question of whether or not to get them a pet is sure to come up.If you’re on the fence about it, check out the infographic below to see why getting one sooner rather than later (within your child’s first year of life, even!) might be the right choice if you want to prepare your child for a successful life ahead.

Science is now backing up things us pet owners have known all along. Cats and dogs help our kids read better, become more responsible, stay more active, and that’s not all. Scroll down to see the graphic!


Key Points:

  • 1Pets Boost Babies’ Immune Systems
  • 2Reading Aloud To Pets Boosts Kids’ Literacy Rates
  • 3Caring for Pets Builds Kids’ Confidence
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Information provided by Catological.com

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